Welcome and thank you for being interested in my flickr profile. *** Bienvenido y gracias por tu interés en mi perfil de flickr.


In the following you have my short profile in English and Spanish, followed by an extension *** En lo siguiente viene mi breve perfil en inglés y castellano, seguido por una extensión .




SHORT PROFILE (the essentials) – ENGLISH:

My usage of / interest in photography is not general rather it is mainly linked to my interest in a set of specific topics; these will be listed later under the extension. Photography is thus for me mainly:

* Support for the exercise and pleasure of observing

* Documentation for remembrance and illustration in possible future projects (mines or those of others)


Words are as important for me (if not more) than images. Hence I will always try to provide proper informative titles and comments on my photos, in English and/or Spanish.


I am interested in establishing communication with persons sharing my interests; with the purpose of exchanging ideas and inspiration through words and images; so feel free to send me a private message anytime. (pls note: I am not monitoring my ymail.com mailbox ever, as mail I use kakovir@hotmail.com) Apart from English or Spanish you can also write me in Danish, Hungarian or German. Contacts in German will be answered in English, the rest in the language you write.


With very few exceptions (marked under permissions) are you welcome to use my photos for any "reasonable" project, but please ask first.





Mi interés en la fotografía no es general sino está vinculada a una serie de temas específicas que serán nombrados luego en la extensión. Por lo tanto, la fotografía es para mí sobre todo:

* Una herramienta de apoyo para el ejercicio y deleite de observar

* Documentación para mi memoria y como ilustración a posibles futuros proyectos (míos o de otros)


Las palabras son tan importantes para mí como las imágenes (si no más…). Intento pues poner siempre títulos informativos y comentarios en mis fotos, en español y/o en inglés.


Estoy interesado en establecer comunicación con personas con quien compartimos intereses con el fin de intercambiar ideas e inspiración a través de palabras e imágenes - mándame pues un mensaje privado cuando quieras. (nota: a la buzón mismo de ymail.com no lo abro nunca, como mail uso kakovir@hotmail.com) Además de español o inglés puedes escribirme en danés, húngaro o alemán. Contactos en alemán serán contestados en inglés; el resto de los idiomas en lo mismo que escribas tú.


Con muy pocas excepciones (marcadas claramente en permisos) serás bienvenido a usar mis fotos para fines “razonables”, pero pregunta por favor primero.






My central areas of interest in photography are linked to the following topics:



* Ancient and Medieval world - Specially architecture, sculpture, painting and crafts of all kind.

* Europe with special emphasis on Spain and the Mediterranean world, Carpathian basin (Historical Hungary and surroundings), Denmark and surroundings.

* Ancient Cities - architectural details, streets, urban structures…

* TIME Frame: In “official” architecture, urbanism, and sculptures I prefer epochs prior to 1600 approx. From more recent periods I am mostly interested the decades before and after WW1 (end 19th - start 20th century). In certain moments I can also get impacted by the simplicity of certain modern architecture and design, but it is not my main track.

* Traditional, popular crafts and architecture, that is kind of timeless.



* Rocks / Minerals / Meteorites

* Lichens – specially epilithic ones (growing on rock surfaces)

* Fungi – specially Ascomycota and “nonstandard looking” Basidiomycota

* Higher Plants: specially trees; grasses and plants adapted to extreme arid conditions



* Nature-Culture Interface e.g. city walls, etc.

* Decay

* Strange Textures

* ...





My key flickr-relevant internet experience was the MAVIT (Toledos Virtual Archeological Museum - mavit.toletho.com/ - click “catálogo” tab - currently we have it only in Spanish). It was a kind of miracle that I had the privilege to witness closely as one of the active participants; and this experience is indirectly still behind let us say 70% of all my current flickr activity. Let me explain why.


The motivation for creating the MAVIT came from the lack of a physical archeological museum showing a systematic exposure for Toledos past. Bearing in mind that the place has been one of the most important cities in almost all epochs of Spanish history until approx. 1600; a melting pot and irradiating source not only of power and ideas but also of different sort of artisan techniques, the lack of such a museum is scandalous. The reasons are complex and this is not the place for discussing them. One could argue that entire Toledo is a kind of big amazing museum, but without certain background knowledge you might just perceive it as a Medieval Disneyland.


So the MAVIT was invented and created as a kind of “first-aid”, a remedy against this lack. It happened as a fantastic collaboration between a handful people who met and collaborated through the platform Toletho.com. We are practically all amateurs, at least there are no professional archeologists participating nor supporting the project so far.

The MAVIT is a set of virtual cards with images of buildings, architectural details and objects from all the pre-1600 epochs of Toledo, most of them having well written descriptions providing the contexts and in many cases also abundant references for further reading. Have a look at the link above! We are not pretending that the outcome is a professional tool; but it is far better than nothing, and in this moment there is still nothing better on the internet that is covering entire Toledo. (only for certain aspects). All the work so far was done non-profit, nobody has charged a single cent for anything. In this moment (mid 2016) we have 176 cards. The frequency of publication of new ones has decreased, but we will continue.


As for the images, for some of the cards we have received the extremely kind support of professional photographs, but most of the photos are amateur ones; by the core MAVIT-team or by other Flicrk users.


Thanks to this experience I am firmly convinced of the value of documenting visually places and objects inside my areas of interest. For my own possible future projects – and those of others.


Additional pertinent personal details (for those extremely patient dear readers who have reached so far in this tedious text; if any… ) I have been living in Madrid (Spain) since 2002 – after 16 years in Copenhagen and 11 years in Budapest.

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