We live on a fascinating but small and fragile planet. If your eyes are ‘open’ as you pass through it you, like me, may be awed by the beauty it holds and consider the effect upon it that you personally have, good, bad or not much? I am not proposing that we all return to a lifestyle without technology but that it is used sensibly and responsibly, with not just ourselves in mind.

Survival in the natural world is, no doubt a constant battle, made even more precarious by our actions. While our individual spheres of influence may not be sufficient to make a noticeable difference – when joined together they do count. You can increase your influence by joining organisations such as the Wildlife or Woodland Trusts that actively preserve the natural habitat. We need these places as much as the wildlife within them. Let’s face it; we too are animals (some more so than others;-) and are equally dependent upon the same ecosystem for life.

I challenge you to open your eyes and look around you. See the beauty that occurs naturally in gardens or nature reserves and appreciate it for what it is. It is LIFE; don’t step on it, spray it with chemicals, pour concrete over it, chop it down or burn it. Be responsible and encourage it; try leaving ‘wild’ areas in gardens and growing plants that are 'natural' to the area, remember that 'weeds' are actually wildflowers. Kneel down and take a really close look (taking care not to get bitten or stung) it’s amazing!

It is my hope that photographs such as mine and the many other superb images on Flikr help to open your eyes and appreciate the beauty around you. It costs nothing and yet is worth more than we can imagine.

Note that while most bugs or flowers are identified correctly, I am no expert so some may not be! If you are positive that I may have something wrongly labelled please let me know. Thanks for visiting.


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