If you have any ideas on how I can improve on my images, please don't hesitate to add a comment. It can be related to the photo, processing or anything you feel is important to note.


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****I hate that I have to say this***

If you add my photos as favorites and do not have a profile, photos to share, or seem the least bit creepy I will block you. Sorry.


All photographs in this stream are copyrighted (© all rights reserved ) and is not for your personal or commercial use without my consent.

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.:Karen:. says:

Chris shows the true love between father and son and husband and wife! And is a wonderful photographer too!!! Amazing work!!

January 4, 2008
inkyblack says:

I really love C h r i s 's stream. He has a fabulous eye and his talent just gets more and more amazing and exciting to witness. The deep love he has for his family is reflected in his pictures, he is a wonderful father, loving husband and good friend.

August 22, 2007