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In the new Fairytopia DVD movie, "The Magic of the Rainbow," Elina goes to fairy school at the Crystal Palace and meets new friends from different lands! The sassy fairy Sunburst and Elina work together to create the first rainbow of spring and save Fairytopia! Sunburst doll is dressed in orange and yellow with golden-colored wings embellished with symbols of the sun just like in the movie (not included). Includes a rainbow magic necklace for you to wear -- just press the button and the rainbow magically appears! Colors and decorations may differ from those shown. Doll cannot stand or fly alone. Doll measures approximately 12" tall.

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Magic of the Rainbow Sunburst Doll
Each of the three friends is different and unique with their own signature color just like in the movie
Dolls come with a necklace for the girl with a secret rainbow hidden inside

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