Former submariner in the British submarine service and former member of an army regiment, full-time tutor, editor and consultant, keen and always-learning photographer. I began taking photographs many years ago with a Zenith E. That eventually bit the dust when I came to Canada, and I followed that with an Olympus OM-10. I used that for a long time, and then stopped photographing altogether. I resumed with a Canon Rebel which met a watery grave and I replaced that with a Canon 7D. For a while I was heavily into digital, but I returned to film photography more and more. I shoot with 35mm and medium format. I still use the 7D occasionally, and use it for photographing footy with the long lenses.


By the way, it is nice to have followers. However, I have noticed a tendency of late for people who are following, quite literally, thousands of people adding me to their list. I fear that their objectives are far different from mine. I am not here to collect "faves" or to amass a battalion of shallow admirers. The people that I follow are those with whom I share something in common and who are motivated enough to comment, something that I reciprocate. I have given the "following sixteen thousand" set the benefit of the doubt in the past and my suspicions have been confirmed. Consequently if you fall into that group, feel free to follow me but please understand that I shall not return the favour. I should also mention "Faves". If I register a "fave" on an image, it is because I genuinely like it. If I don't, well the reason is obvious. We all have different tastes. I don't press the "Fave" button with any expectations of return. If you "fave" any of my images I am pleased to see your response. If you don't, that's fine too -- obviously. Anyone who follows me without photographs in their stream for me to look at will be blocked. And if you don't fit into these groups, and I still don't respond, it is because my subject matter and yours are very different. Nothing personal as I am sure you will understand.

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