G'day From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia!

You are welcome to view my photos, even in original size, but all photos belong to me, and you may NOT reproduce them with my written express consent.

STOP PRESS! as of 16 Oct 2007 I am about to tick over my 10000th visitor! :-)
At now at Dec 1 2007, I am about to have my 15000th visitor! :-)
As of 1 Feb 2008, I have my 21000th visitor! :-)

As of 11 April 2008, I have my 31500th visitor! :-)

As of July 2008, I have my 45000th visitor! :-) and a total of 445000 total views - nearly half a million!

As of Sept 2008 I have had my 54000th visitor, and 640 000 plus total views :) !!!

As of Feb 2009 I have had my 77000th visitor, and 990 000 plus total views :) !!!

As of April 2009, I have had my 89000th visitor, and 1 170 000 plus total views :) !!!

Thankyou everyone who has kindly taken the time to view my photos, or at least some of them! There is a lot of photos to go thru!

As of Feb 2009, I have bought my first DSLR - an Olympus E520, 10MP, with Live View, Stabilisation built-in, dust removal, and twin kit lens, a 14-42m and 70-300mm.
With the 2x cropping factor, the 35mm film equivalent are 28-84mm and 140 - 600mm

Until today (Feb 15 2009) I have used my first digital camera, a Panasonic DMC-FZ7, a 6 MP point and shoot, with a 12X optically stablised Leica lens - which has proved an excellent first up camera.

This was forced on me due to my lovely Minolta film camera was accidently lost somewhere in Europe by a relative of mine!

I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer and am passionate about nature photography. I love walking and visiting parks and bush reserves in and around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, where I live.
I discovered flickr in April 2007, and have become increasingly active since then -
Thankyou everyone who has kindly taken the time to view my photos, or at least some of them
My particular favourite subjects are the incredibly colourful Australian parrots - but any local fauna really.

I am fortunate to work at La Trobe University in suburban Melbourne, with extensive wetlands and bush areas - so I take plenty of photos at lunchtimes.

I became a FOTZ - Friend of the Zoos in Melbourne in 2007- Melbourne has 3 great zoos as part of the total complex, and FOTZ gves you unlimited access to Melbourne Zoo (Parkville site) and Healesville Sanctuary, and to the Weribee Open Range Zoo.

I have loved animals since my earliest days, and I have a particular fondness for the big cats. My all-time favourite animal is the Snow Leopard.

My father was an excellent photographer, but died before digital cameras really came into their own. A real pity because he would have so loved the flexibilty and ability to get instant results. I really miss him.

I have now a lengthening list of Contacts, which is fantastic!
I do promise that I will regularly check my Contacts new postings, but please do not be offended if it takes a few weeks to happen! There a lot of new photos each day.

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    Carpe Feline says:

    "Fantastic animal shots. always so wonderful and so close and the added bonus of putting explanations on each one because as much as we'd all like too, we can't be experts, especially on Australian animals. And what subject matter. Just marvelous Keep the photos coming as I don't get to Australia near enough to see all these wonderful animals myself. thanks."

    December 6th, 2007

Ian Thomas
March 2007
Vermont (suburb of Melbourne)
Vermont, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I am:
IT Officer