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Kent currently shoots with a Canon 70D, Sony RX-something in automatic mode, an iPhone, various Polaroid camera models with shitty Impossible film, various Fuji Instax enabled cams and an occasional toy cam.

Kent loves his testimonials.

Kent will design + print for you.

Kent will try to try harder (in 2015).


[Jan2008 - RR1, Midwest USA] I've left my glamorous Great Gatsby life in New York for more of a Walton's existence on the harsh, wintry plains of the midwest.

[Jan2015 - Chicago ILL USA] Here's an update after 7 years. You should follow me on Instagram (which didn't exist 7 years ago...but I'm happy flickr is still here cuz I like looking at your photos)


Say hello at: kent [at]


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    Blaise K says:

    "i have a girl scout cookie with kent's name on it."

    April 24th, 2008

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    marvelitsky says:

    "I wish Kent was a girl and I was a lesbian."

    March 11th, 2008

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    ¡ S K ! says:

    "Kent makes my roof be on fire."

    November 16th, 2007

Kent Henderson
March 2005
Chicago, USA
I am:
Pixels + Ink
K. James Design & Photography