Born in 1945 so current age is 73, unless I've forgotten to update this. Flickr used to do it for me. What made it think I wished to conceal my age, pray? Married to ex-flickr member (he wasn't going to join Yahoo) profJohn, who sometimes figures in my photostream under that name.


1967 picture of me :-)


Girl with clay pipe


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Dynamic Eye (deleted)

florriebassingbourn is an active, talented, funny and generous member of the Flickr community. A stop by her photostream is well worth the time. I also wish to thank her for a particular kindness she has extended to me!

August 24, 2005
handy steam (deleted)

Florriebassingbourn has a set of pictures for everything you can imagine! You will never be bored looking at her photos. She turns plain and simple things into lovely works of art.

June 13, 2005