Cody is a graphic designer who prefers a work-life balance that includes two wheels or boards. He is a skilled creative who has the experience and portfolio to back it up. He excels at solving problems and applying design to strengthen a brand's unique personality. He enjoys working with clients to develop creative concepts and design solutions with award-winning results. Cross-fit for a variety of sports, he is known to be a daring downhill mountain bike rider and adept freeskier. When not thinking design, you might find him riding down a muddy single-track or shlepping his skis up a snow-covered ridge in anticipation skiing on the edge. He enjoys working on his house, taking photos, painting, listening to music (from Willie Nelson to Godsmack) and hanging out with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Cody is currently employed at Phinney Bischoff in Seattle. He has played a key role in designing brand systems for clients including the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle Children's Hospital, Oldcastle Precast, Power Engineers, Safeco, Physio-Control and PBDH. He has provided art direction, design and production for EvergreenBank, Symetra, Schnitzer West (The Bravern), Lexus (Escala), Radio City Music Hall, National Museum of American Art, AT&T Wireless, Russell, Qwest Field Event Center, Margaret Thatcher Foundation and Zymogenetics.

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Cody Rasmussen
January 2012
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