Photography, for me is a way of capturing the past and holding it so that I can remember. It is human nature to forget, I know that it is good for me to eat right, get sleep, exercise, or take my vitamins and I feel great when I do but eventually I forget and get busy with something else. Photography helps to remember the beautiful moments, the painful moments, the fun and the adventure and it makes ordinary days extraordinary to look at my pictures nostalgically and to look through other peoples pictures and see what they see, what they are remembering, capturing, creating.....there is something that is exciting about seeing through anothers eyes.

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  • Inversions during brief moments of Henry freedom. by Sharon Frost
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  • Flying Ashtangi by IsAloha.Photo
  •  by chwilka
  • Eric Lon was teaching Yoga at Kaza and in Spiti, from July to October 2012 by Eric Lon
  • 06, Yoga, Janga Sea Cobra, 8.656 clicks by Eric Lon
  • Vida by João Vianna
  • Hamsasya Mudrá by BicoSan
  • oregoncoast by Omega Imagez
  • Foggy Marsh 1/3 by Jonas Thomén
  • Indoor sun by danpea

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