my greatest love is family, my daughter and little grandchildren, my mother, my daughters hubby, and my friends.......spending time with special for them....out for meals with them.....going to the market......taking pics with my photo buddies.
environmentalist.........what is that old saying waste not.........or is it better to light one little candle...........oh i know its reduce, reuse, recycle.

When I am out on a shoot I am totally in the here and now, absolute and complete presence. It is the best feeling and I am happy and smiling for hours afterwards.

digital junkie, i love digital cameras......wish i could buy more.....i have a sony P92, sony V1, kodak P850 and a HP something. love taking pictures and am into digital art.....there are not enough hours in the day. xmas present to myself 2006 a kodak C875. searching for the perfect dslr for must be friend has a collection of nikon lenses.............september to october 2008 i briefly owned the nikon d60, d80 and then the d90. i settled on the d90 and i totally love it.

my first photographic love was my first grandaughter. then i started taking pictures of trees. i love trees and pictures of trees of all sizes. I am passionate about my photography. I see pictures everywhere I look. It is all about capturing the light and getting the camera to see what my eyes can see. I am fascinated every-time I look at what comes off the camera.
My photos are as they were taken. I use aperture to check the levels and crop but other than that they are as they were taken. If I post pictures in monochrome then that picture was taken in monochrome.
Ok so now I feel that I am a good photographer. I no longer have to prove myself. That is not to say I have nothing left to learn. I learn every time I pick up my camera but I have progressed enough to start using photo-editing software. I am using aperture and nik software.
Thanks for visiting and sharing your photos on flickr.

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today is a gift.

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