I'm a student of the flora of North America.


I was able to travel quite a bit during graduate school, attending botanical meetings, visiting herbaria, and collecting plants in North America, Europe, South America, and South Africa. I also lived and worked in Canada, and recently (well, in 2012) moved back to California. Posted here on flickr are pictures I have taken in some of the places I've visited, most of botanical subjects, along with occasional "vacation" photos from trips with my travel-holic husband.




I'm mainly interested in obtaining "documentary" images of plants, places, and and experiences. My main topics are the floras of Texas and California. When not of obscure plants, my photos tend to be total clichès and unremarkable snapshots. Actually, even when they are of obscure plants, they are total clichès and unremarkable snapshots. I almost never take photos with people in them. I prefer cameras that fit in my pocket, but nonetheless seek inspiration and tips for obtaining more informative, technically adequate, and more artistic images. Thanks for looking, and please accept my apologies for getting all pedantic on your plant photo or discussion thread (which is probably what led you to read my profile).


I post my botanical images on flickr with CC licensing with the intent that they be free for anyone to use for any non-commercial purpose (that means they can't be used on anything you personally charge money for, right?). If you do use any of them, I'd love to hear about it, and it's always nice to be given credit as the "photographer"



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