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Many thanks to Ozlem, CKM, Mezarc, Tonya, Sandy, Nisha, Deanna, Thomy, Andre, Kathy, Kai, Julio, Ronaldo, Petra & Ashley for the generous testimonials they've written.

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"The only thing I want is to capture a fraction of a second of reality"
Henri Cartier-Bresson

"It's not about depth of field, it's about depth of feeling" (Peter Adams)



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    Lees2dent says:

    "Ana is w/o a doubt one of my all-time fave
    FLICKR buddies. She captures the human
    spirit as well as anyone I've seen. And is
    just tops at candid photography, which also
    is not one of my fortés. Thank you so much
    for sharing your life's journey with us . . ."

    November 25th, 2012

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    Ashley1954 says:

    Ana is one of the sweetest friend on Flickr. She is an
    excellent photographer and a great journalist. She has such
    a variety of subjects and a unique style and touch .
    If you go through her photos stream - that I heartily
    recommend. - you will see treasures of the world –from her trips—and
    you will see also the poor people from the streets and their
    sad stories…
    She doesn’t only show us the beauty of life but also the
    cruel reality we often pass by, sometimes
    indifferent…..sometimes helpless…all these makes a
    special and unique photos stream….

    She is also a special and caring person. She is always
    there to encourage others with her lovely words.

    Thank you dear Ana for your awesome photos and for your
    friendship. Love you."

    January 4th, 2010

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    @petra says:


    Tomorrow this year of 2009 will be living its last day and before this happens I want to write some words to you, dear Ana.
    I wonder HOW a brazilian can do that in an acceptable way, as the poor vocabulary is not much helpful in such a moment.
    Someone like you makes a difference in one´s life, my dear friend and you are a true inspiration to me, especially because of this "enormous heart" you carry inside of you. Each one of your postings, your words, the way you refer to people you get in touch with, your caring thoughts about them turn your stream into a very special place to be and I am so glad to have found it in this vast flickrworld.
    I admire your attitude towards others and your "presence" by facing adversity in this world. Likewise, I admire your incredible sense of humour and your special "ways" to connect to people, including myself.
    You are a great human and I compliment you for it, well as I thank you for it!!!

    Best wishes for a fantastic 2010!!!

    Warmest brazilian hug,

    December 30th, 2009

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    Ronaldo F Cabuhat says:

    "Ana's stream is one of my favorites. WIth her already interesting photographs her feature stories are fascinating and edifying.
    Her photostrem is actually an awesome blogspot itself.
    Who needs a website to write and publish worthy stories?
    Keep on shooting and writing. We love you!

    March 5th, 2009

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    risquillo says:

    "Ana es irrepetible, sus ojos son una ventana al mundo que comparte con sus fotos. Nos muestra los detalles, la libertad y la calidez humana en cada una de sus obras. Sus comentarios son siempre positivos, cálidos e inteligentes. Son como los de alguien que forma parte de mi familia. Ana es de esas personas que cuando se ausenta, la extrañas por que hace falta, por que se da a querer........ por que es un ser humano maravilloso

    Es un privilegio ser su amigo."

    October 29th, 2008

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    "Ana Lee Smith ...

    can be described
    with the following words.










    Besides having so many
    Explored pictures her
    Portraits, Streetlife
    and the pictures from
    Turkey are really amazing!

    She has definitely eye
    for photography and
    the passion that is not so
    hard to tell! Just look at
    her shots and you will
    find out for yourself.

    Now, I consider myself
    privileged to be in her
    list so when she see my
    pictures, she leaves
    the most genuine comments
    that I enjoy so much to read.
    If she really loves my
    pictures with no hesitation
    she faves them and shows
    me honestly she loves
    what she see!

    Wishing all the best
    for the rest of her life

    Greetings from New York City"

    August 9th, 2008

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    KathyAAdams says:

    "It's difficult to put in words the work of Ana. Thoughtful is one of the strongest words that comes to mind. Purposeful is another. And yet another is deep. Each photo she takes is a masterpiece that is careful thought out and has a sense of purpose way beyond the obvious. One can't just glimpse at her photos, one needs to take their time and really *know* each one and read the little stories that go with them to get the true essence of them. For me her images burn into my mind a lasting impression. This is rare with so many photos on Flckr.
    Knowing Ana has been an honor and a true pleasure, as an artist and a friend. She is alive, thoughtful and caring... Her thoughtful comments are very much appreciated as well."

    March 23rd, 2008

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    AndréTeixeira says:

    "Ana Lee is one of the most competent and intelligent photographers I know. Her work is inspiring and each post is a pleasant surprise. The power of her photographic vision crosses the imaginary, with powerful and memorable compositions. Full of charisma, information and beauty. Her images are provocative...!

    In addition to all this, she is loyal & affectionate friend. An honour to have her as friend and I appreciate the friendship with a specal and unique person as Ana Lee.
    Her comments are always intelligent and relevant . She always looks to evaluate what the image sells, trying to see in addition is being shown. She has a special vision... a talent.

    Bravíssimo, Ana! Abraços, querida!
    André (20.03.2008)"

    March 19th, 2008

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    familiar harbor says:

    "well for an amatuer photographer my testimonial maybe wont count ! but i shall say ana is a really gifted person .. she has amazing perspectives and a woman with creativity .. later ana .. and i hope ull continue ur magnifcent work (Y)"

    March 7th, 2008

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    thomyneel (Pierre -Thomas) says:

    "Dear Ana,
    I have so many lovely Flickr friends,
    I have seen so many wonderful shots,
    I have read plenty of lovely comments,
    But I am sure that no one have ALL these qualifications at the same time except you….
    Thanks for caring, thanks for being a true friend
    Your stream is so interesting, full of magic touch, plenty of adorable explanations, and above all you have spread your spectacular words while commenting.
    I feel lucky for knowing you!

    Pierre Thomas (Thomy)"

    March 7th, 2008

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    deanna515 says:

    "Ana is a very caring and thoughtful person whom I am very lucky to have met on Flickr. She's always there giving a thumbs up and advice when needed, and very supportive to others photos. She is a wonderful photographer and an inspiration. She brings out a hidden beauty in each of her wonderful photos...and behind each photo, a story is told. I am extremely fortunate to call Ana a friend. Thank you, Ana, and look forward to seeing more of your great photos!"

    February 18th, 2008

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    ninayak- Busy next few weeks says:

    "Ana is one of the finest photographers and good friends that i have on flickr. Its a treat to browse through her fabulous photostream. She is an excellent source of support and encouragement. Thanks for being a wonderful flickr friend Ana. I really appreciate it

    Take care


    February 11th, 2008

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    sandy in seattle says:

    "Ana doesn't make it easy to peel through the multi layers of fabulous images that she adds to her Flickr site each week ... She hasn't put her photographs into sets (so far) ... You either have to catch them as they come across your contact page if you are fortunate enough to have her as a contact ,,, or dig through her photo stream ... or find things listed under her tags ...

    Which ever way you choose, you will be rewarded with beautiful photographs that make her home city of Toronto come alive ... She has captured the skyscrapers ... St. James Cathedral .. the beauty of Lake Ontario and the Toronto harbor ... snippets of street scenes ... street performers at the Toronto Busker Fest ...

    You will also discover another world if you visit her photographs taken in her travels to Turkey. She has captured the colors and people and places just as beautifully as she has her home in Toronto ... In Turkey, you are treated to scenes of life along the Bosporus River in Istanbul to pottery making in Avanos Cappadocia to the people living in Goreme Turkey ... You are never bored when you visit her site ... she might even surprise you with a beautiful image of a flower here and there along the way ...

    The most recent revelation was to learn that Ana had a life in front of the camera as a model in the '60's before she began taking photographs seriously herself ... It has been a joy and pleasure meeting Ana on Flickr and seeing her world through the lens of her camera ... I am thankful that I can call Ana not just a Flickr contact but a friend as well"

    January 15th, 2008

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    ♥ Hazed ♥ says:

    "I am fortunate to have met Ana here on Flicr. She is a wonderful photographer and very creative. She has something for everyone on her photostream to enjoy. She seems like a wonderful person and her artistic work comes straight from her heart!"

    November 30th, 2007

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    mezarc da diva says:

    "When I got into Flickr, I mostly wanted to learn new tricks and draw inspiration from people who are into photography. Gladly, I met some really really talented Flickroos that I find inspirational - and that includes Ana. No doubt that Ana is a very good photographer and she's improving day by day - but the one thing that I most like about her is that I feel the heart and soul in her pictures. Now that's what I can say inspirational."

    November 5th, 2007

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    ckm2005 says:

    "I am very fortunate to get to know Ana through flickr. She's an artist, she've got some creative photos which i really like!It's amazing to see her photography skills improve on a daily basis. she just wonderful and righteous person, she is always so generous about others photos. I am very grateful for our friendship. Best of luck to you on your future photographic endeavours and thank you for sharing your photos with us here on flickr."

    September 17th, 2007

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    ♥Ozlem'sღ♥ says:

    "Ana is highly talented & all her works are mater piece of art by itself. Also she has a good eye for colors and textures.
    I am totally impressed.
    Keep up the good work, Dear Ana :-)!!!

    PS: She seems to be a very kind and righteous soul."

    September 4th, 2007

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