I took up photography purely by accident after realising I needed something quicker than a compact to take pictures of my kids. I read about dSLRS and bought a Nikon D50 with a kit lens and Tamron 70-300mm with the intention of it never being a hobby.


Somewhere it all went wrong...


I mainly use a Nikon D200 and have a number of lenses including a fast F2.8 Nikon 80-200 and Sigma 10-20mm.


I kept my D50 in the hope that one day one of my kids will show an interest and it will be a good starting point. In the meantime, I use it with a Hoya R72 filter for the odd infrared shot,


I love landscapes but have more recently taken classes in studio and portraiture which I am enjoying very much.


Thanks for visiting and your comments are always appreciated.


Many thanks, Lee.


p.s. I also do Instagram... web.stagram.com/n/leebailey/


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