Hi, I am Alan of Marion, IN. I have been photographing for over 45 years and still have the itch to get out and find the next great shot. I started many years ago photographing neon signs at night and still continue to this day, although there are not as many out there like there used to be. My wife and I began traveling to lighthouses a few years back and I have been shooting them as we go. I also shoot the freighters that sail our Great Lakes by traveling to Port Huron and Sault Ste Marie, MI, both great spots to catch them. I also photograph the trains that pass thru town every day. My digital photos are now shot with a Sony DSC-H3, DSC-H50 or DSC-HX100V which for point and shoots do a really nice job. I just got a new Sony DSC-HX400V in 2015 have really been pleased with it. My scanned 35mm photos were from a variety of Minoltas with a 75-300 zoom.
I really enjoy my Flickr groups & contacts. Being able to see and enjoy the work of others is a great way to pass the time.
Please do not ask me to join or submit a photo to a group that require me to comment on others photos or give rewards/awards. I like to think I still have the ability to determine whether I like a photo well enough to leave a comment.
Do not ask me to join a group that does not have a group icon(unless I know you thru my contacts), not gonna happen and you will be blocked. Do not invite my photos to a group that does not have a group icon, not gonna happen and you will be blocked. Members & groups with no icon are suspicious.
Please do not make me a contact or ask to be a contact if you have nothing available to me and/or you have the generic Flickr icon. You will be blocked. Also if you have porn in your stream do not ask to be a contact or make me a contact of yours. You will be blocked.
All photographs, text and html coding appearing in this/my Flickr site are protected under United States and international copyright laws. No images are within Public Domain. Use of any image as the basis for another photographic concept or illustration is a violation of copyright.
Please do NOT steal my photos, scans or anything in my photostream for your little blogs or websites, Pinterest or Tumblr, Facebook or any other "social media"., or use them for any commercial or non-commercial, for or non-profit uses and please, don't link to them AT ALL ANYWHERE. ALL photos here are NOT available for purchase. No, you may NOT use them for free, so please don't waste your/my time asking. (That includes the "but we'll give you a photo credit" crowd.)

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    Rusty Karr says:

    "I cannot believe I haven't written a thank you here to Alan. He has always inspired me to try harder and how to see. His stream is like the best peanuts ever, let me have another, you will think, until the time slips away into an American roadside odyssey of more places than most of us can hope to find.

    Alan has always been generous in his time and ideas sharing them with me when I ask or when I'm close to good things to discover in person. Thanks, Alan, knowing you means a lot to me, you have always been a great help."

    May 26th, 2012

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    写真家 / 摄影师 says:

    "Alan's a sleeper... he's one of those guys that are always on the job and quiet. I've only just touched the tip of Alan's iceberg known as 'flickr'. He covers things I would like to and he's branched out to light houses and Great Lakes freighters. At this rate I'll always be playing catch up. I think that's kind of nice.

    Check out his interests, there's something there for every taste, signs, parks, buildings, trains, lighthouses and more.


    September 29th, 2010

January 2006
Marion, IN
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