Hi all, this is Michael here, and a very warm welcome to MS Painted by Michael's Flickr site, here you will find my own artwork which has been drawn using MS Paint including mainly buses and random art of celebrities, everyday things etc. The list goes on so if you want me to draw something, I'll do my best to take it on. in my own free time. Over time my work just keeps improving and I didn't think I could get to where I am at this point.

My inspirations are Peter Fray and other paper bus contributors who made me start off drawing buses and then of course other people who draw buses to a much higher standard, some of whom can be found on Flickr to this day. Finally my inspirations for my random art is Jim'll Paint It who got me started and then another artist who does his own work for his book and he's also done Harry Potter stuff aswell as some extras.

With every bus I draw each and every one has a story behind it no matter how old or new it is, some are only a couple of years old and have numerous paragraphs to tell about their operating life and before then when news came about the orders and why. Also my random art has a few stories to tell but mainly of humorous value behind it, depending what I draw as I could literally be drawing anything.

The various drawing styles I use for my random art is cartoon, or near-photo quality which is seen with my Robot Wars drawings which are done to the highest possible standard. I no longer draw buses nor any other types of vehicles in black outlines as they are all to the highest photogenic standard of detail and accuracy by default.

So if you're new here, there's been recent rule changes as NONE of my blank bus drawings are no longer going to be distributed anywhere and I no longer accept repainting other people's bus drawings as I am a busy guy myself although with exception with the ones I am doing at the moment. Many don't like 'spam-faving' but I am one of those who doesn't mind so if you like it, fave it and not only that I can simply turn off notifications for faves if it gets too much for me. If you want to comment, do so wisely as comments that contain abusive behaviour often leads to blocking as does stealing content. So if you're reading this that also means no stealing for your own gain such as your photos and also for games such as Roblox and OMSI 2 as my work has been seen on those sites before but mainly on Roblox.

But on a more lighter note, if you want to request something do so, but again there are restrictions with that. By all means request whatever you want but within reason, no sexually explicit content as this is a family friendly site but mild content is accepted for the older viewers but no X-rated just to be precise. Also I don't accept requests that support any political party but I do accept some political humour as if you want to see Donald Trump or any other politician do something silly (within reason), do let me know. Plus I will accept requests which show violence but depending on the severity so any blood and guts might not get accepted. And finally one thing I will not accept is requests that are against different religions which lead to racism, again may I point out that this site is family friendly and requesting such might even get you blocked, depending on the severity of the request.

One more thing about requests, please don't keep on nagging me about when your request is out, I know it must be exciting that your request is getting worked on but it does get annoying when I constantly get 'how is it going?' as I might not have started yet or for the time being just stopped for numerous reasons like 1) Off out. 2) Internet's gone off and I can't look for source shots nor upload anything. 3) I might feel ill and don't feel like doing anything. 4) Doing something else at that time that isn't drawing as I have other hobbies like playing music. 5) Done a lot with my drawings already. 6) Computer has bust. 7) Microsoft has decided to uninstall MS Paint. 8) Watching a marathon on TV. 9) Busy with things at home. and 10) Abducted by aliens...!!!

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Michael Aaron Windle
December 2011
Leeds, England
I am:
Male and Single
Drawing, taking photos and doing other things