Hello and welcome to MS Painted by Michael, I am Michael who is a keen artist drawing mainly buses but I also draw a bit of random art also. My inspirations are such big names with MS Paint like Pat Hines and Jim'll Paint It however for my bus drawings I have been inspired by OwnTheWorld but also some fellow users on Flickr. Since 2011 I have uploaded bus drawings onto this site and over time they have steadily improved as they used to have black outlines and other lacking details which are a far cry to what my work looks like now as since 2018 my bus drawings have since evolved with new 3D parts such as interiors and exterior panelling which has paid off considerably and my followers seem to like the changes. More work has gone into my bus drawings lately with me aiming to upload at least one every month as a wide variety of blanks have already been launched since the switch to 3D interiors.


As for my 'Random Art' range I use various styles such as cartoon style, free-style without black outlines and also near photo quality which is seen with the Robot Wars related drawings as my drawing of Carbide tricked a couple of people into thinking it was really a photo, well in the beginning without blowing my own trumpet, it wasn't intended to be that detailed but it somehow turned out better than I expected which pushed me further with my work.


So if you want to throw in a suggestion of what I should draw next, send me a comment, a message or whatever then I will try it out. Also don't forget to fave if you like my work don't care if you fave shed loads, I really don't mind at all but one thing I don't tolerate is 1) rude or abusive behaviour which that means not just against me but other users, 2) thieves who steal work to upload on their own sites and also use work for gaming sites like Roblox, and finally 3) rivet counters who like to do nothing else but point out mistakes without saying anything positive about the drawings I do, these take me ages to do, sometimes a good few weeks with a lot of mind power when I'm on a roll. Such these offences can result in blocking if they continue, but just to confirm I do not block for receiving shed loads of faves from one individual, because the fave notification can be turned off but I choose not to.


But do note if you don't have Flickr but you want to get in touch, I am also on Facebook and DeviantArt so if you want to search me on those sites and here's the link to my Facebook page so if you have a request or a suggestion, post it on my wall. www.facebook.com/MSPaintedByMichael/ and also my DeviantArt page which only has random art on there at the moment but soon could have some bus drawings (particularly special ones). www.deviantart.com/mspainted-by-michael


So again I hope you enjoy what I upload because I certainly enjoy drawing things on MS Paint no matter how hard the challenge, and again if you have a suggestion, do say what you like me to go and draw regardless if its hard or not because I just might say yes I can do this.


Thanks for reading! :-)

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