Living in Kyoto and loving natural beauty and walking around the town.

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whoa! i love all your shots but i cannot comment on everyone of them 'coz they're all so spectacular! i love your style sir, your shots are all so natural, i guess they're all as is, as you shot them & without any post editing.. that's real talent!!!

September 6, 2007
selective shake (deleted)

Polar Bear.............your pics are just beautifully done..............especially the flower pics because I just love flowers........ I think the world would have been such a dull place if there were no flowers in it.........Keep up the good work................!!!! Ronel........ ; )

July 25, 2007
shallow porter (deleted)

Not only does Kyoto have a great eye for detail but he was one of the first people to notice and welcome me to Flickr. What I like the most about Kyoto's photography is his skill and nack for capturing the translucent light of nature. Very nice Kyoto! Thanks for being a member of Flickr.

May 26, 2007