Surprise, I take photos... sometimes they're just snapshots, sometimes I put some effort into them. There's a line there somewhere, but I'll be darned if I can find it.


I use Nikon (D700) and Olympus (E-520) cameras, with an array of lenses both inherited and purchased. I've got a few flashes, though I don't use them much. When I do use them, I use them poorly, I'm sure.


Ok, what else do I do...


I play the cello. I'm in an orchestra. I'm principal cello.


I write this: I am a programmer by trade, specifically web-related things (front + backend). I take pride in being good at this.


I have silly twitter thoughts.


I listen to all sorts of music:


I ride my bikes... I have too many to count.


I also write this: This is where I put my original thoughts, when I have enough time... which is almost never.


I love Peppridge Farm Goldfish


I do other stuff too, I just can't think of it now.



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