There is something in photography that makes me love to take, develop and share photos. Maybe it's a sense of unjustified immortality, as each photo is timeless and has something in it about oneself. Maybe it's because of its pure enjoyment. Whatever it is, I don't really need to know: loving something is just enough of a reason.


Photography has taught me to be present, to enjoy what I see, specially when light gets "clever". It's a healthy activity that defeats consumerism, probably more so in the digital age. It costs nothing, just our time and energy, and we create objects that are so simple to share. Photography has been a non commercial activity for me, yet almost 500 photos have already found their place in books, movies, wikipedia, souvenirs, magazines, blogs, and most forms of media even from places so distant from where I am as Poland, Russia and India. It's so much fun to discover that we can do so much without the need of anyone or anything but the tools, the on-line community, and what we see in front of us.


I do try to take photos with the highest possible level of detail and naturalness, taking advantage of available lighting conditions as they present to me as a natural environment, instead of an impact obtained by elaborate post processing. If there is something that is of value in a photo for someone today or in the future, I want to leave it at a high resolution level, so future tinkering has a better chance.


Except for my panoramas photos, all my photos are made from one RAW file. Therefore, none of my photos uses HDR, by HDR meaning multiple frames at different exposures merged with the objective of expanding shadows and highlights.


I upload all the photos I take which I feel I like for any reason whatsoever, without concerns of any rules. For me flickr represents my photographic workplace environment. It is interesting to see how the flickr community and the web will interfere with my portfolio and automatically get my photostream ranked. This is of a lot of help, as I find photo selection as difficult if not more than the art of taking photos!


Presently I use Lightroom as the tool to develop the RAW files, spending only occasionally a few minutes on general adjustments on a photo of merit.


Around mid 2010, I have set my camera clock to WET – Western European Time - Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) - +0000 - so it is always ready for when I use it together with my Jobo GPS for geo-data capture. And as of May 25, 2014, I started to upload my photos in 4K resolution.


Sometimes I write a few words on my blog if you are ever interested.


Almost all my photos are posted as Public and offered to the community with Attribution, Share Alike, Creative Commons license. For more info: CC License Conditions.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you ever need any of my photos in higher resolution as I love to share!


Find here my set of photos published in the media that I'm aware of:



Here some sets representing part of my flickr portfolio:


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j w ford says:

Thank you Jimmy for all your beautiful photographs! You are very talented and have a great eye. Photography is your calling. Muchas gracias for all your contributions that will be shared continuously for all the years to come ! Cheers! J W Ford Miami, Florida USA

September 17, 2017