48 years old, how did that happen? I could have sworn I was only thirty-something just the other day

1-2013 Still with the Canon SX210 and still pretty happy with it. So far behind in editing and posting my photos. Maybe I will catch up eventually.

New 10-10: Replaced the G9 with a Canon SX210 IS. I've been very happy with it. All of my Chicago pictures and later are with this new camera.

New 4-10: Moved away from digital and back into traditional art media, still using the G9 ACK destroyed the lens mechanism on my camera in a fall. Off to shop for a new camera
New 3-09: In the last year I have gotten into doing digital 3D artwork. My main programs are MoI for modeling and Vue for landscapes, texturing, and renders. There is a Render set with some finished work in it.

Having a digital camera the last few years has changed things dramatically for me. The ability to take multiple shots without the thought of expense or materials shortage has made a huge difference. While not a perfectionist, my art training (BS Art Education) leads me to be very aware of composition, color, and design of my photos.

Hardware update: I now have a Canon G9. This is a huge upgrade in photo sizes - from a 3.4 MP to a 12 MP - quadrupled my megapixels and now have RAW capabilities and better manual controls. Still short of a DSLR but plenty for me at this stage.

I have been incredibly impressed by some of the work here at Flickr and look forward to continuing to add my own. In looking at other photographer's work I have noticed the importance of place. It has made me think hard about my own location and what makes 'here' what it is. The familiar can become invisible, and I am trying to see things I have looked past or forgotten. If someone had lived their entire life on a tropical island, what would seem exotic to them about where I live?

In addition to the photography I square dance (both dance and call) and do some traveling for that. My occupation is as a manager, working these days with a local chocolate company. I have been slowly exploring my way through Photoshop Elements and learning CSS to top off my basic HTML skills. I webmaster my own site as well as a couple of other local organizations. It's all a learning experience and cross pollinates in interesting ways.

Thanks for taking the time to view my written thoughts, as well as my visual ones.


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