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Pretty much a jack-of-all-trades as I've done a little bit of everything. Currently doing specialized administrative work. I have a Certificate of Accomplishment in Electronic Pre-Press (web, Photoshop, DTP, etc.) as I find this sort of stuff fascinating. Finally got off of my butt and completed an A.A. academics program (did the last 14 credits in a year while working full-time) and graduated with a GPA of 3.69 (Cum Laude by the Latin Honors metrics).

Hobbies (in no particular order): computers; graphic design; photography; random art projects; flirting (badly); poi spinning; costuming; technical theater; renfaires; comic books; and action figures. Yes, I'm a bigger geek than "Weird Al's" White & Nerdy - just a lot cooler. ^.^

I have a serious weak-spot for the "geeky, bad grrls." As a kid, I kissed the Blarney Stone and seriously have the gift of gab; I'm smart-ass of the highest order and very snarky/witty/comical with my comments, observations, and responses - you have been warned!

A lot of my photography and design work revolves around form & function ranging from sensuality, myth, fantasy, nature, and architecture - mostly of a light-hearted nature but a little bit of dark stuff as well - so you'll never know what you'll find in my sets. *laughs* My main rule is that I won't post anything I'd be embarrassed to show my mother and/or family. With that in mind, I will post images/videos that I feel will entertain my viewers.

Cosplay photos: In terms of my cosplay photography, I loosely use the term for how I go about things as gonzo. In the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson's style but with photography; get in, frame the shot, take the shot, have a bit of fun, and move on. Two of my personal annoyances are photographers who monopolize a photo-set & models, and then bring in every piece of fancy equipment he/she owns (lenses, filters, lights, reflectors, diffusers, assistants, et al) to a location to get that "perfect" photo. I don't believe in doing this - unless everything is in a studio or completely controlled area - and strip things down and add in effects afterwards if I feel it will add to the mood of the picture or requested by the subject in my photos. I'm of the opinion that if I can't fit it into my camera bag (lenses and flash modifiers are my fanciest add-ons), I don't use it.

While I won't argue that some photographers get amazing photos by using advanced gear, I'm of the opinion that it takes away from the spontaneity and fun of the moment. Cosplay is supposed to be fun and imaginative so I improvise and use what tools I have on hand.

If anyone is curious, I generally convert my photographic images (from November 2015 forward) to ColorMatch RGB. For me, it's a great compromise between the gamut (range) of colors Adobe RGB 1998 uses (1998 is when a new color gamut standard was decided upon, sRBG1966 was internationally decided upon in 1966 as a range of colors used for print from the previous 1931 profile), what my computer monitor sees, and how accurately it prints out. For anyone wanting to get serious about taking their digital art or photography to the next level, I highly recommend learning a bit about color theory and color management's profiles. You will be amazed at how much different things look when you move away from the standard sRGB1966 color management profile.

I'm also conversant (e.g., can get my ideas across) in French (Je parle le français avec l'accent de Belgique.) and American Sign Language. I also know a small bit (couple of words or phrases) of Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, and Gaelic. I also like to character act - which is half the fun of cosplay - and can mimic a multitude of accents.

I currently have no plans for world domination. Trust me. :-D

For the record, I really don't mind people using my photos on different social media sites (e.g., Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, et al) and find it quite humbling and flattering that people like my work well enough to re-post it somewhere else. However, all of my work is under a Creative Commons copyright. What that means: if you use something of mine, you have to provide a link back to the source or provide credit to me. Sounds fair, yes?

The Creative Commons license I use prohibits derivative & commercial usage. In plain language, you can't change my images nor use them for something that makes money without contacting me first. Had a recent issue with a jerk who re-purposed one of my images without permission nor provided credit to me and I had to (unfortunately) involve the DCMA to have the image(s) removed. It sucked having to do this but this person did not play nice nor by the rules and needed to be smacked for this.

Sorry for being a a bit of hard-ass on this. It's for both my and the subject of my photos protection.

I receive frequent invitations to add my photo(s) to various groups depending on the subject. Generally, I accept most of these invitations.
However, I will decline such invitations if the pages in question 1) skew heavily towards nudes images (greater than ten percent), 2) contains explicit sexual material, 3) shows its images to a "members-only" audience (cannot be viewed by the public), and/or 4) locked down as private - the page comes back with a "403 Error - You do not have permission to view this page" warning.

Sorry but I have a responsibility to my models, cosplayers, and friends to not knowingly put their images on questionable sites that they have not given express permission to do so. I'm not going to judge you if that's your thing and it makes you happy but as I stated in my bio, I will not post images that I would be ashamed to show my mother. This also includes groups.

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