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I'm a Picture Framer (or Paper Hanger) that is a one of the Japanese traditional craft masters called "Hyougushi (表具師)".

We (Hyougushi/表具師) make the Hanging Scroll (KAKEJIKU/掛軸), Folding Screen (BYOBU/屏風), Sliding Paper Doors (襖・障子), and so on.


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α-System (Minolta/KonicaMinolta/Sony)


・SONY α99 (Alpha 99 / SLT-A99V)

・KonicaMinolta αSweet Digital (Maxxum / Dynax 5D)

・Minolta α-7 (Maxxum / Dynax 7)

・Minolta α-7700i (Maxxum / Dynax 7000i)


・Minolta AF Zoom 17-35mm/F3.5G

・Minolta AF Zoom 24-105mm/F3.5-4.5(D)

・Minolta AF Zoom 35-105mm/F3.5-4.5

・Minolta AF APO Tele Zoom 100-300mm/F4.5-5.6

・Minolta AF Macro 50mm/F2.8

・Minolta AF 50mm/F1.4 New

・Minolta AF 85mm/F1.4G

・Minolta AF Reflex 500mm/F8

・Minolta MF 135mm/F2.8[T4.5] STF

・SONY AF Macro 100mm/F2.8

・SONY AF 35mm/F1.4G

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  • JoinedJuly 2005
  • OccupationPaper Hanger (Hyougushi) / 表具師
  • HometownTakarazuka / 宝塚市, Hyogo / 兵庫県
  • Current cityTakarazuka / 宝塚市, Hyogo / 兵庫県
  • CountryJapan / 日本


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