I have recently moved from rural Co Limerick to Westport, Co Mayo. I borrowed my Flickr name from my tabby cat, who has moved with me to his new address on The Sofa, Co Mayo. Charles Augustus has shown little interest in the identity theft, or in photography.

I've been "doing" photography about five years. People on Flickr and in Limerick Camera Club have been really helpful with suggestions, ideas, and instruction. Thank you to the band of steady contacts who are generous with time and feedback.

I've adopted the sensible custom of blocking people who are faving images of mine or making me a contact, without ever leaving a comment, or with no photos of their own.They are taking what they want without any acknowledgment, and that is plain bad manners in any culture on Earth -- in the Middle Ages, they came straight out and called it "pillage"!

Not that people who grab handfuls of faves and new contacts, without commenting, are likely to bother reading a person's profile - their interest is far more focused than that!

All images appearing in my Photo Stream are my exclusive property, and are protected under International Copyright laws.
None of my images may be reproduced, copied, transmitted or, manipulated in any way shape or form without my written permission.

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February 2007
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