Sod-all to describe - self-promotion is usually no recommendation, anyway...


Television historian (means I sit around and watch lots of TV), author (means I write stuff no-one reads), broadcaster (present programs on two separate radio stations which pretty much no-one listens to), and entry-level photographer (meaning I take photos pretty much no-one looks at...).


I also collect old Australian TV programs and commercials, and upload the more interesting ones to a YouTube channel - take a look!


Dr. Keats. Get yours at


Dr. Keats' flickr score: 2304

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  • JoinedJune 2006
  • OccupationTelevision historian / author / broadcaster
  • HometownMel-bourrrrrrne
  • Current cityMel-bourrrrrne
  • CountryAustralia


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Upon having read your profile Dr. Keats, I've come to realize we have lots in comon. With the exception of my profession as Videogame Historian we could practically be twins!

October 27, 2008