My photographs are not beautiful, they are not works of art.


They are captured moments in time, once taken they are part of history.


I leave them exactly as I have taken them, they can always be altered later.


As for my videos, well I am still learning and I have a lot to learn.


I love old photographs and postcards, it seems wrong not to share them.


My photos are tending to get a bit bloggy at times. A day in the life of.................


My photos are often criticised, I often don't use the flash, my hands shake, a professional camera is too heavy for me to hold, and even if I did use one I'd forget how.


But I love to take photos, to capture the occasion, the people, the atmosphere. After an event you often wonder "Who was there?, where was it?, when was it?"

This is my contribution to the History of my time.

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  • JoinedAugust 2006
  • OccupationResting between jobs
  • HometownNear St Albans
  • Current cityNear Chelmsford
  • CountryEngland
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