Photographer environmentalist vegetarian scientist engineer student-of-all and totally self proclaimed superartist and megagenius, also a member of the homo genus. I am a small land mammal. (That was supposed to be funny)

Born and raised in Meridian, ID and went to school for 7 years in Moscow, ID so that I could move to Mesa, AZ and work as a rocket scientist.

KE7PHI, holder of the extra class license. Active on 20m and 2m/70cm. Also active on experimental digital modes in the low ghz.

Please respect the licenses listed for the photos. All rights reserved means just that, the photos are mine and not subject to use without approval. Please ask. Creative commons does not mean you can take the photo; attribution is required. If you wish to use one of my photos in a publication I ask that you please support my hard work.


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    rickpawl says:

    "Her photo stream ROCKS! Yes it does. It's a breath of fresh air in a stale, smokey back room.

    I check her stream every day and once discovered, I'm betting you will too. Jasper is a photographic, scientific, electronic, astronomic genius who loves animals and life and you literally never know what you will see from her next.

    It might be sea monsters or flying cats or deep space objects or exploding food or mysterious circuits or giant 'shrooms or glowing nickels or beautiful landscapes, portraits, and self portraits!
    Well, I mean, I could go on and on, but check out her stream and you'll see for yourself.

    This is the kind of person one dreams of going on a photo safari with.
    Jasper has more imagination, spirit, spunk, creative ability and talent in her little finger than most people, including me, have all together.
    She's going to go far she is! She's got the world by the balls and she can either tickel or squeeze, depending on her mood. Jasper's going to be some kind of research scientist or electronics engineer eventually or she'll head up some big think tank somewhere and I can't wait to see all the images she will post between now and then. Assumeing she doesn't get bored with flickering and move on to something else. : )

    Jasper Nance, the world is your magic carpet and you're on the trip of a lifetime! I hope you always take some pics along the way.

    December 22nd, 2006

Jasper Nance
June 2006
Moscow, ID
Mesa, AZ, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
Electrical Engineer at Orbital Sciences
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