I love travels, Seen 5 continents, my Motto "If I can not see our own planet, what is the point of being on it"?
Love 3D Photography,
Music (BEATLES TO BEETHOVEN),D.I.Y enthusiast, Free hand cartoonist, and all at a ripe young age of 71years.
I take one day at a time, married with wife , two sons and two grandsons. I love my Macbook Pro and two best places in the world I visited so far are Singapore for cleanliness and Hawaii for spectacular scenery. My best train journnies were to, White Pass,Skagway Alaska , Bullet train to Fuji Mountain and Rocky Mountain Train from Banff to Vancouver followed by Alaskan Cruise .
Among the best wonders I have seen so far are Tajmahal , Grand Canyon,Giza Pyramids,Egypt and Athena Temple in Athens.
Very helpful people I met so far are Japanese (Tokyo, Arigatoo).
The best beach I put my foot in, is Copacabana ,Rio, Brasil.
I survived Heart operation, knocked down by a speeding Car,
head injury and pelvis fracture. I am still living. I still do not understand the purpose of being on this planet?!!! WHY?
Turning philosophical!
Thanks for your patience. With Kind regards N.N.G.Rao.

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N.Nanda Gopal RAO
November 2011
Madras,(Chennai) India
London England, United Kingdom
I am:
Male and Taken