My name is Mohammed Alnaser, a hobbyist from Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, currently working in Riyadh. Started photography one way or another in 2005-2006 which after that the hobby took a serious turn to where it is right now which I still believe I haven't gone so far from the start and there are much more work to do.

My Passion (which unfortunately I don't get to practice a lot) is Wildlife photography.

I can also be found here :

Current stuff I own :
Nikon D4
Nikon D700
70-200mm f/2.8
24-70mm f/2.8
400mm f/2.8
16-35mm f/4
50mm f/1.4

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"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you"


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    Naif AL-Essa says:

    "السلام عليكم
    أخي محمد صاحب العدسة السحرية
    أعجبت بلمساته الفوتوغرافيه
    وأفكاره الراقيه والإبداعيه
    وتنوع تصويره
    وأكثر PRO فهو من المستحقين لكلمة
    أهنيك من أعماق قلبي
    روووح والقلب داعيلك

    أخيك / نايف العيسى

    October 13th, 2011

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    oh_panic says:

    "A True photographer, with wicked ideas and creative mind, cute models he has :P the lil' kid ! and he has an amazing artistic sense ! I really enjoy viewing his absolutely marvelous photo stream that deserves five stars :P I'm really not that good at expressing words -laughs- ! :P but I know one thing for sure and it's I'm officially one of his BIGGEST fans :P You rock KhayaL !

    Peace out, dude
    yours McPanic ! :P"

    March 11th, 2009

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    Abdulaziz Alkhaldi / @alkhaldislr says:

    "يعني والله مدري شقول عنكـ ,

    فكر , ابداع , امتاع , تطبيق

    ماشاء الله عليكـ"

    February 4th, 2009

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    Capture Queen ™ says:

    "one of the most amazing, spectacular , creative photo stream, each shot here makes me speechless."

    February 3rd, 2009

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    © Meme says:

    "is a hard working, extremely talented young artist.
    watch him closely, for in front of her lies a successful
    career as a professional photographer and artist.""

    January 20th, 2009

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    Reemah` says:

    "KhayaL IS ,,[ the meaing of the word { ART !
    .. wish u the best =) ,,

    reemah ~"

    January 10th, 2009

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    AnGel Girl,K.S.A says:

    "ايدك حلوه
    تسلم على هالايادي على هيك صور
    ماشالله تصويرك ابداع
    واتمنى لك كثير من التقدم والى الامام"

    January 7th, 2009

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    AlyOw* - Http:// says:

    "This is my 2nd time to watch your photo stream and believe me when i say that i watched the 15 pages ! n i just have to say true photographer, if you look what you use to take pictures of and compare it by now, u'll just see a big difference. anywayz keep it going :)

    Ur Sincerely,

    December 16th, 2008

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    DuSoir Love♥ says:


    fnan ib m3na il klma
    mashalla 3aleh kl 9ora raw3a
    a7b his photostrem
    hope to see more amazing pic from u

    ur sis
    DuSoir Love"

    November 29th, 2008

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    Mo7amaD says:

    "مميز ماشاء الله عليك

    متمكن جدا

    صورة غاية في الروعة و الجمال"

    November 28th, 2008

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    'AK says:

    "mashallah , you are really a pro. photographer < 333 ! One Of The Best memebers ;)

    gd lk :D"

    November 26th, 2008

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    Ala'a Al-Amoudi says:

    "فعـلا خيآآل ! ^^

    جدا استمتعت في مشآآهدة الصــور ..

    تمنيآآتي لكـ مزيدا من التوفيق

    = )"

    November 23rd, 2008

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    Ohoud Alarify ♥ksa says:

    "استمتعت جدا بمشاهدة الفلكر ,, وأقل ما اقول عليه (فلكر رائع رائع)
    خيال له اسلوب مختلف في التصوير وهذا ما استشفيته من تصفحي لمساحته هنا

    اتمنى له التوفيق ,, ومواصلة الابداع
    واعتبرني متابعه لك دااااائما:)

    November 14th, 2008

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    Glamz™ says:

    "Ya Khayal, your photos are definitely Khayal !!
    Love them all, wishing u all the best =) !!"

    October 4th, 2008

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    3abbas says:

    "I'm gonna make it simple !
    Khayal is one of the best photographers I've met in flickr, It's an honor for me to be in his friends list. What I really like in his photos is that he imagines the photo before shooting it and wishes to achieve something from his photos not just uploading them for fun !
    He's a great artist and he's doing perfect with his camera. And at last he's using Nikon so akeeeeed artist =D
    Wish you all the best buddy : )


    January 28th, 2008

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    Orangeya says:

    "KhayaL is one of those few people who we could really call a "photographer"; He's stream is amazing ! .. A mixture of all types of photography which is extremely awesome. I LOVE HIS VODOO SHOTS XD THEY'RE SO COOL ! .. I'll Cut it short; all i want to say is that u have all my respect man ! .. keep doing what your doing; You ROCK at it ..
    Your Sista,

    January 13th, 2008

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    і ♥ ме™ :'( says:

    " KhayaL

    i really dont know him and glad 2 be added

    by a great photographer like him but his shots

    r very amazing o colourful o interesting

    o 3ajeeeeeeeeeb o kash5a =D

    i love the macros sooo beautiful

    b9ara7a ma3arf shagool ba3ad

    tc allah ye7fa'9k o keep up the

    amazing work bro"

    September 18th, 2007

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    Narutoh says:

    "hello I am Younus and your Fotos is great. So many funny and great Fotos. I am happy be your friend. I want be like you! Salama Younus"

    September 10th, 2007

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    @Bsent-$ouL {bacK} says:

    "ur photos r great!
    ur humour and attitude is hilarious!! -lmao! seriously dude

    i luv ur quotes!! best thing to add with gr8 pics!
    aaaaaaand i luv those stick figure ppl , lol and oh ya that fuc*ed up!!!

    ur flower pics r amazing...

    well.keep the gr8 effort up..

    btw..nice attitude u got there on "ur profile""

    August 24th, 2007

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    ıllı N ıllı says:

    "Hi there ..
    I dont really know u .. but I can tell from ur photoz that ur unlimited photographer =)
    keep it up & have anice day"

    July 22nd, 2007

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    `Sara.B says:

    "Buu Chithyyy =Pp
    YOU are one of the BEST..
    you've got Talent Mashallah ;)
    I really like your pictures Bro..
    wish you all the BEST ya BEST =D

    your lil SiS..3noooba ana ana =P"

    June 16th, 2007

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    Asia Al Haffar says:

    "Always again love to get surprised by him......great images and funny games are some of the points that make his photostream interesting all over again. A great character must be standing behind of this, I am sure. May Allah always protect him and keep him on the sunny side of life, inshallah!!"

    September 23rd, 2006

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    Sweet Devil says:

    "Simply to me he's Chity Chity Bang Bang either Up or Down yaaaaaa he's moody, Stubborn, and sooooooooo sweet his pics are nice they show that he has a very unique style in everything..Chity your a great freind and one day i would love to solve your Guess Da car game...and be Da champion.!!!!!!!!!!"

    August 22nd, 2006

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    ™صاحب السمـو says:

    "The information encoded in his photostream determines his very unique biological characteristics.....

    1 of the best Arab PhotoGraphers i've saw...

    knowz how to describe a pic...and knowz what title to choose :)

    and yes we got alot of things in common as u mentioned in ur Testimonial ^_^

    Its an honor to know Such a person....

    my last words are.....

    3asa allah ya36eek al97a wo al3afyeh wo 6oolat al3emer :)

    Regards....صـــاحب السمو"

    August 8th, 2006

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    ♫PinkPolkaDots♫ مبارك عليك الشهر says:

    " CCBB have a gr8 collection of piX & his pix shows me that u are gr8 person.
    keep up the Gr8 work bro ^,^
    good luck =)"

    June 30th, 2006

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    FaZa3oHoLic [ »ऋँ Fo-Fo ऋँ« ] <Offline> says:

    "CCBB..Gr8 guy with a lo0o0ot of talent to give...

    Gr8 contact wih Xtra ordinary piX...

    Mashallah 3liak bro..

    Love ur piX they r just Gr8!!

    I think the word "wonderful person/photographer" suitS u perfectly!!

    All the best bro..And keep postin the best of the best as u alwayS do!!


    June 28th, 2006

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    Mazelle~ says:

    " Okay so im sure many of us were forced to write this testimonial because of our mind-eating-curiousty about that freakin car we all want to know about! :P but anyhow, it’s a good opportunity to start writing something about CCBB for once at least ;) …Annnnnnnnyhow.. so maybe many of you noticed how there are so many excellent photographers on Flickr, and a whole lot to see. Especially those pro contacts with their magnificent Photoshop skills which make every photo in their photo stream trancelike and surreally beautiful, yet Chitty chitty bang bang’s work is indisputably a little different :P …. How? U might wonder…! Well..something I noticed in his photos and something that I surely liked as well, is that he doesn’t really Photoshop them or play with them; which means these photos are as close to reality as possible 0.0! … My very favourite photos in his photo stream are the ones with natural scenes, birds, trees, and the sea. All of them are simply relaxing and beautiful :-P .. !

    Also, unlike some flickr members (without naming of course) who show off on every single thing they can possibly own or go into a melody of bragging about what they have, or do, and this and that, Chitty is more mature than all that crap, at least from what I sensed through his photos and little discussions such as that flickr policy which im sure a lot of arab *cough cough* contacts missed out on reading yet he was kind enough to upload it as a reminder! :-P

    Speaking of his photos, they are more or less like spiritual vistas; often abstract, sometimes minimal, but at all times breathtakingly beautiful.
    To be honest, every one of his photos reveals a new delight: worlds of texture, colour, dream-like observations. His images have a mysterious quality which goes pretty well with Chitty’s self-contained personality.

    I could describe each an every picture in glorious detail but i would only glut the profile page with my ramblings, and plus, :P t3bt! So CHITTY! U BETTER GIVE ME THE ANSWER :@ …

    oh well, I guess we’ve reached the end of the blabble contest ;) …
    Thank you for those who took the time to read this, I just want to tell u u’ve just wasted….3 mins of ur life :P lol going round and round.. and if u don’t like it.. int7rw! =| ,, la la seriously.. im not that mean… just go get a life okay? ;) ..

    Final note;
    Personally, even though i barely know CCBB.. I see him as an honourable person who is well mannered, a gentleman, and a respectful person. So 7ata law this testi. Doesn’t win the longest testimonial contest, that’s something that YOU (chitty), should be aware of =) …

    Ciao … (~,~)*"

    June 1st, 2006

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    *Brunette* says:

    " "Congratulations"
    You've got your self a Great testimonial
    { From Me }
    This is no ordinary testimonial because its my first testimonial I've ever write..
    It is a pleasure to offer my testimonial on behalf of the Kuwaiti Chicks of Flicker,
    "There is something about this gal.. Just makes you wanna find the nearest sheep and hug the crap out of it :p kidding..
    He does cool stuff with textiles in a creative way of view.
    He's funny, smart , good-natured and he is the premiere tour guide to all that is Cool ,funny and Creative..
    Chitty chitty bang bang is a hurricane of creative thoughts and creative snap pictures.."

    June 1st, 2006

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    BERO says:

    "Wallah I dont know from where to start!!!
    CCBB is one of my favourite contacts, I really love his pictures especially his little game (Guess Da Car) !!!!!
    Love him, he`s Adorable, Gentleman!!!
    Love his comments, veryyy funny!
    wish you all the best brother!

    Akhouk Bero"

    May 31st, 2006

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    єїэ7elm elKara єїэ says:

    "He is One of My best coNtacts iN Flickr.

    9waRah Tdel 3ala sha59yTah eL7elwah ^__^ His Pics are reallY Unique.

    [ Good Luck Bro ..i Wish You all The beSt ]"

    May 5th, 2006

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    *~*~SLAVE-OF-ALLAH~*~* says:

    "though i dont know you, i do like wat was said in your profile and the pics you have taken are spectacular."

    April 20th, 2006

Mohammed Alnaser
September 2005
Saudi Arabia
I am:
Alnaser [at]