Keen walker/mountain biker/birder and snapper based in Clitheroe, East Lancashire. I teach the 11-18 age range at a fantastic school full to the gills with brilliant students (some of whom sponsored this site for me).

I bought a Canon 10D which has revolutionised the way I look at photography, fave lenses are the f4 17-40mm and an f1.8 50mm. I love the build quality and am loathe to replace it with something more plastic with more megapixels. So I replaced it with the 40D and got myself a 10-22mm and a sexy white bodied 100-400mm with image stabilisation.

Hope you like the range of shots in my photostream. I like to think that there's a little something for everyone: portraits, landscape, action, wildlife, narrative, abstract, colour, b and w. I'm steadily learning more about Photoshop 7 but always want tips.

Please feel free to criticise any of the shots and give me advice. I've found out that the flickr world is full of all sorts of opinions, tastes, styles and feel it's the first truly global thing I've ever been part of.


Keep the faith, happy snapping

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