I'm Finnish, witch, Pagan - and proud of it!

Then to add my LOOOOOOOOOONG likes and dislikes list, to make it easier for my swap pals :-)

I like Chococat but not Hello Kitty.
I like Calvin and Hobbes.
I like Wallace and Gromit.
I like Tim Burton's animations, like "Nightmare before Christmas"
I don't like cartoon characters

I like games and puzzles - a little brain workout ;-)
I like hand puppets
I don't like robots

I don't like clowns
I like carousel horses and fortune tellers
I like fortune telling tools and props
I like gypsies.

I like native crafts and folklore
I like Americana style, but I am very patriotic and Finnish :-) Give me "Finlandiana" and I'm happy :-d

I like impressionism, pre-raphaelites and naivism
I don't like modern abstract art and psychedelic stuff
I don't like 50's, 60's and 70's vintage
I like byzance and baroque
I don't like rococo.
I like oriental stuff, from Middle East to Japan.
I like medieval stuff, fantasy, LOTR style
I like museum stores.

I don't like angels, cherubs or puttos
I don't like religious stuff. No saints, crosses, hindu gods, buddhas, OMs and such for me.
But I like Pagan and witchy stuff... yeah... contradictory :-)

I like fairytales, fantasy, magic and mystery
I like dragons and griffins

I like crocodiles
I like cats of all sizes, especially red cats and tigers
I like foxes :-) (And collect them too :-))
I like sheep and goats. VERY much...
I like peacocks
I don't like monkeys or pigs
I don't like bugs, not even butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs
I like bees and wasps

I don't like honey or beeswax
I like salt candy, salt liquorice, fudge, toffee and caramel.
I don't like dark chocolate or bubble gum. (Except when it's liquorice flavored LOL)
I don't like mint flavor or malt.
But - guess what... I LOVE dark chocolate with mint, like After Eights LOL
I don't like "breath fresheners" or "cough drops" style candy, like "Fisherman's Friends" or "Vicks".
I like lollipops
I don't like violet flavor.
I don't like saffron.
I don't like onion, garlic, leek or chives
I like pudding powders
I don't like soup powders.
I don't like seafood
I don't like alcohol, not even in candy or tea.
I don't smoke, and I dislike smoke scented things - whether it's hickory smoke, Lapsang Souchong or tobacco.
I like tea

I like mugs and teacups
I like kitchen textiles, potholders, aprons, placemats, towels
I like table setting stuff, like napkins, napkin rings, candle rings, vases and so on.
I like cookie cutters and cake forms

I like vanilla and fruity scents
I don't like scents like "sea breeze" and "petit grain".
I don't like insence
I don't like air fresherners

I like candles and candle holders

I don't like makeup, not even lipbalm
I like handcream
I like bath products

I like poppies, roses, lilies
I don't like daisies, sunflowers, african daisies, chrysanthemums or other such flowers
I like gardening

I like gloves
I don't like mittens
I don't like socks, unless they are handknitted
I like t-shirts and tanks
I like scarfs and bandanas
I don't like hats

I like pouches, bags, totes, boxes, tins, organizers and stuff like that.

I like journals, diaries, notebooks, composition books - bigger stuff
I don't like small "cute" notepads
I like files and folders
I like stationary
I like pens, especially color pencils
I like bookmarks
I like stickers, scraps, punches, stamps and such - like these scissors that cut funny edging.
I don't like scrap book labels, tags and photo corners, journal boxes and such
I like ATC tags though :-) I like ATCs, altered books, self made cards and such.
I like black and white photos and art cards

I like quotes and sayings - especially embroidered, like the "Home Sweet Home" or the emrboidered pillows with a witty saying or proverb. I think "Subversive Cross Stitch" is just the "mean" kind of witty kitsch I like :-D
I like calligraphy

I don't like souvenirs or souvenir postcards
I don't like "novelty items", joke things or "childish" and "stupid" kitsch, like whoopie cushions, garden gnomes, stripping teddybears and crying children.
I don't find "poop-and-pee" humor funny, and I don't like "dirty" stuff.
I like witty and clever funny things, and cultish kitsch, like majolica, star trek, bumper stickers, "mean" t-shirts, skulls and bones, band-aid with goofy pattern or kitchen gadgets that look like animals - I like irony and sarcasms, have a little dark sense of humor...
I don't like "cute" like pink kittens, Mickey Mouse, "my little ponny" and "hug bears" - or other "grown-ups playing teenagers" stuff. Like t-shirts with glitter or something like "cute", "pretty" or "princess" written on. Great on a 13-years-old, awful on a 33-years-old.
I like "cute" things like plushies with an attitude :-D
I like romantic stuff, like Victorian things, lace, silk ribbons, fine china, crystal glass and roses.
I don't like over-sentimental things that are so sweet one gets tooth ache just by looking at it, like frills and dolls all over the place, or frilly satin cushions..
I hate things made of "pretty" dolls, like lamp shades.

I like tassels and fringes
I don't like pompoms and frills

I like stars and paisley.
I like stripes and polkadots
I don't like squares, plaid, gingham or checkered
I like paw prints and panther prints
I like "chinese" silk, old kimono silk, saris and such
I like velvet, especially velvet ribbon... *_*
I like chiffon and organza.
I don't like mesh, lurex or glitter

I like knitting and yarn
I like textile crafts, materials and tools - especially gadgets :-)
I like craft magazines, especially Marie Claire Idées :-)
I like natural fibres and materials.

I like bone, "ivory", ebenholz, rosewood, mother-of-pearl, wood, bone and leather.
I love mother-of-pearl and polished shells, but I don't like "shelly" shells
I don't like plastic, acrylic, nylon. Some things are better made of these materials, and I understand that in a swap these materials are affordable and light, so this isn't a big deal.
Manmade fibers and plastic are great when it comes to making "ivory" and "tortoise shell". I like both, but I don't want one animal to die for it.

I like earrings (I have pierced ears), especially large, gypsy style things, oriental or baroque things.
I like hairstuff, like bone, silver or wood combs, barrettes and sticks (I have long hair). I like the hair clips with a stick or pin going through a "shield".

I like malachites and amber. I like turqoises with red jasper, like in Tibet or Native American jewelry.
I like pearls, beads, sequins and charms
I like trinkets :-)

I like feathers, especially peacock feathers
I love the little birds made of feathers... and butterflies made of feathers.
I like birds, small birds, like swallows, sparrows, larks and so.
I love the twirping plush birds from WWF :-) I just adore the blackbird and nightingale... one day I'm going to get me one. :-)

I like peacock colors
I like red, green, turquoise, teal, aqua
My favorite color combinations are red and turquoise and blue and orange
I don't like purple and blue
I don't like shocky, electric, neon colors, like apple green, bright orange or pink
I don't like dusty, cold pinks and purples
I like dusty, cold greens, like sage and jade.

I have a husband, who is Jewish, and would appreciate anything Jewish, and he also loves bears and black-and-white cows, so anything with bears or cows or in cow-print, is going to be received with great joy :-)
I also have a black-and-white springer spaniel, who loves squeeky toys and balls.
I don't have children, and won't get any either, so I would find babystuff, booties, toys and so on, very painful...

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