Developed through the joint vision of Mr. Al Koeppe (The Newark Alliance), Dr. Clement Price (Rutgers University) , Rev. Dr. M. William Howard (Bethany Baptist Church) , and in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of The Positive Community magazine, the NLRS will consist of three roundtable discussions, a November Town Hall Meeting and Small Business Expo and The 1st Annual Positive Community Awards during MLK Weekend in January 2012.

The 2011 NLRS includes three roundtable topics: Education (March), Business & Enterprise (September) and Health & Safety (November). Each roundtable will feature of a distinguished panel of thought leaders who are experts in the topical theme. The roundtable audience will include 150 hand-picked attendees who will be able to effectively interface with the panel based on their experience with the topic subject matter as well. The outcome and goal of these panels will be to discuss and create innovative solutions given the challenges facing Newark or any 21st Century major urban center.

The 2011 NLRS series will take place at The Newark Club, in downtown Newark. We will also stream these roundtables live to reach national base of viewers and participants to the discussion. Each session will also host a live Twitter feed and Facebook page to facilitate questions from the community and from all over the country. Excerpts from the discussion will be printed in The Positive Community magazine.

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Newark Leadership Roundtable Series
August 2011