My adventure with a camera started long time ago but it never really developed into a hobby until just recently when I realized a great need for color during long winter months. Thus started my little quest to take as many colorful images as possible before snow fall so that I could feast my eyes with something that was not black or white or depressing...

It took me a while to be convinced by my husband to use a little better equipment, but after that there was no going back.. Thus developed my fondness for macros.

I hope sharing these images will bring a little color and beauty to everybody's life.. So enjoy!
There is beauty everywhere and all we have to do is just stop for a minute and look around. If we are lucky we have our camera with us, if not we can try and save the image in our memories.

P.S. Should you wish, you are welcome to visit my husband's and mine blog at:

Photos of Kasia Sokulska (KasiaBasic) (11)

  • After the sun goes down by Mac Sokulski
  • Sunrise at Long Island by Mac Sokulski
  • please hang up and try again.... by Hawk sky Love and Peace
  • Sunset Portrait by Mac Sokulski
  • At Elk Island by Mac Sokulski
  • To all of us :-) by Hawk sky Love and Peace
  • Cold and happy by Mac Sokulski
  • The exclamation mark by Hawk sky Love and Peace
  • Sunset by Mac Sokulski
  • It's me.. (coming back from visiting Mt. Edith Cavell) by Kasia Sokulska (KasiaBasic)
  • I am a clever man by sathish karna
  • Jumping spider family (Salticidae)  by K'Anas Ahmad

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    LEFTY598 says:

    "Kasia is a fantastic Flickr contact and friend ! She is always there with encouraging and generous comments. Kasia's photostream is a wonderful mix of work, always interesting, of flowers to scenery. She is very fortunate to travel to so many places. She shares these amazing adventures on Flickr. Kasia's macro work is great, but I really love are the compositions of scenery, landscapes and sunsets."

    September 27th, 2012

Kasia Sokulska
August 2011
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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