Wow! I apologize for my long absence! Last time I uploaded anything I was 16. My sceen name was Palmtreefreak. I'm now 19, not going to school (yet) and travelling anywhere I possibly can! I don't want to use this account, because I'm not all that proud of my work. Haha, so, I will get a new account and leave this one here for all the memories it holds. If you want to find me, my new screen name will be Imagination-Nation. I'll upload a bunch of new stuff for you all. :)


"My name is Melissa. I'm 16. I started taking photos at 15 years old, i am in Canada. i noticed many, many people speak spanish on flickr, i am learning slowly, so those of u who speak spanish and english please be patient with me. =)


Anyways feel free to add me to your contact list!! i would LOVE to see your pics too! Please leave a comment or contact me at

I would really love to hear your opinion! :)


OH MY GAWSH!! i am going back to Costa Rica tomorrow!! ile update and add new pics REALLY soon!! YAY"

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