What I like most in photography is the sharing; I see what caught your eye, I show you what caught my eye. I love beautiful pictures, and also love snapshots that tell a story. I can appreciate a carefully-set-up formal shoot, yet what I love best is the moment captured, the picture that somehow shows what touched a heart, a mind, a sense of beauty or a sense of humor. All 4 at once is a bulls-eye (I haven't made it yet but I've seen some here on Flickr).

I live on the north coast of California and haven't begun to get over the delight that this kid from the flat, hot, dry central valley could wind up in this rumpled, cool, wet forest.

My life is so full of a number of things that I seldom get to set aside as much as an hour just for photography, but I usually have my camera near at hand and catch the pictures as they go by.


So much left to see:


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