Bonno van der Putten is a dynamic serial entrepreneur, engaging speaker, small business coach and investor. Bonno is a music industry expert and adviser on Ecommerce, newmedia and innovation. Bonno is Founder and Managing Director of Monarch Capital Partners in Europe, an award winning investor, focused on technology-enabled sectors. Bonno van der Putten has been a pioneer in the music and entertainment industry, seamlessly bridging entertainment and technology. Bonno has worked with dozens of musicians, fashion models and artists, to develop their talents. Bonno has worked with the world’s biggest companies, as well as hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises. He’s specialized in building brands and is an international keynote speaker and executive business coach who is in high demand.
Bonno has had the privilege to work closely with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of SMEs. He regularly speaks to audiences and is widely regarded as a top business coach consultant for talented people and young entrepreneurs.
On a personal level, he is determined to help as many entrepreneurs and companies as possible increase their added value and make a positive difference both in their societies and across the world. As a new business coach, he’s been given a unique opportunity to help new ventures get off the ground fast and fulfill their goals and strive for excellence.
Bonno van der Putten chairs the Investment and Management Committees of Monarch Capital. Bonno has led the European team since its inception in 2009. Monarch Capital is a firm of senior industry executives focused on supporting key stakeholders and management teams to significantly develop and enhance the value of the businesses. Our drive is to secure maximum shareholder value upon exit by aligning ourselves completely with shareholders, from both a business accountability, long term brand building and a financial reward perspective.
Monarch Capital Partners is one of Europe’s fastest growing investment management companies for emerging consumer lifestyle brands, entertainment, tech and newmedia. The Monarch Capital Entertainment division, with subsidiary Brightpoint Ventures, is a multi-dimensional entertainment and artist management company. a pioneer in the music industry, seamlessly bridging entertainment and technology.

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  • DjamilaCelina #YoungandMinted by bonno van der Putten
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Bonno van der Putten
June 2011
"s- Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
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Managing Director