I guess, most of all, I like the idea of being able to lend an echo to something that would’ve otherwise burst and then quickly faded.

Photographer currently living in Berlin. 20 years old.

Winner of the Sony World Youth Photographer Award 2014.

For my travel photography: have a look!

~ by Paulina Metzscher

~ by Paulina Metzscher

~ by Paulina Metzscher

~ by Paulina Metzscher

Please, do not use my photographs without my permission and if you post my photos anywhere, obviously, please credit them! Thank you.

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    Charlotte Clara says:

    "Paulinas pictures are so touching, full of emotions and still so honest. It always seems to me like she is living in a world full of beauty. Her way of using colors and light amazes me every time. All of her photos tell stories in a very personal way. I am so glad that I got to know her in real life. She is an lovely human being her self."

    October 8th, 2013

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    *Nishe says:

    "Paulina photographs with so much grace and emotions.
    I love her way of capturing the delicate beauty of women surrounded by nature. She creates timeless stories filled with pensive, lonely moments."

    October 29th, 2012

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    Annija Muižule says:

    "Paulina's photos are like little postcards. They are fulfilled with fresh air and soft colors. I am truly amazed by uniqueness of her photos, they make me wanna go outside and follow the wind. The way you see the world inspires me. Thank you!"

    August 30th, 2012

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    Taya Iv says:

    "A wonderful soul with an everlasting, peaceful mind. Paulina's photographs express love, mystery, and many secrets revealed from nature. I especially love her focus, the way her stories flawlessly move and make the viewer have goosebumps all over their skin.
    Whilst I am writing this Paulina currently has 66 photographs in her stream and I'll be forever wishing that she posts more and more, adding her own touch of magic and special kindness to all the work she produces.
    So much love to you."

    April 14th, 2012

June 2011
Hamburg/ Berlin
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