I was born and raised in a rather ordinary town of Hungary in 1970. Artistic impulses were altogether missing both at home and at school. True, I already had a camera in grade school and got familiar with the basics of photography. As a youth, however, I experienced a strikingly intense emotional drive to create. Around 2003 photography began really to matter to me, so I got hold of a Hasselblad camera. I live alternately in two, apparently irreconcilable phases. Today I am a development engineer seeking novel solutions and tomorrow a passionate photographer. Experimenting is the challenge, I detest conventional solutions. Perhaps the two modes of existence are linked by a constant effort to redefine frameworks and solutions.

I seek, in my photography, to raise questions, forcing spectators to ponder the complex intellectual, emotional and aesthetic relationships involved. Previously I chose human subjects, lately I have been also drawn to abstract, experimental photography. Overall, I favour novel frames and implementations over conventional solutions.
I will never be satisfied with merely documenting reality. In my „quasi portraits” I essentially make up a scene and watch the way, vague, contradictory or excentric, as it might be, its characters relate to their roles. For the composition I attempt to find an adequate aesthetic framework and use the available subtle tools, probing their limits at times.
Social relations play a decisive role even in my abstract experimental shots as well. The mechanism by which my latest abstract images are created is fundamentally the same as that of the "quasi portraits" -- the essence of my friends' work and of my intimate knowledge about them combine to create, through a novel technology, my photograms, human despite actually lacking human subjects.

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02 Jun 11 - le négatif accepts only FILM PHOTOGRAPHY.

le négatif accepte seulement la photographie argentique.

this is our official site: www.lenegatif.com

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    branko_ says:

    "His photography?
    He has an innate style, one of the best photo makers, an artist."

    October 1st, 2013

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    Ken B Gray says:

    "Richard's work is extraordinary... easily one of the most creative, dynamic photographers whose work I've admired on Flickr.. Hence, I am tickled pink and frankly honored of his support of my work.

    Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia, USA"

    July 17th, 2013

Richard Wohlfart
June 2011
Budapest, Hungary
I am:
Engineer (mechanical and electrical)