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Gregarious. Crazy. Fun-loving. Whacky. Sociable. Amiable. Affable. Zany. Eccentric. Witty. Wistful. Willful. Impulsive. Individualistic. Prudent. Pragmatic. Perfectionist. Nutty. Sharp-tongued. Headstrong. Nasty. Conniving. Independent. Obstinate. Capricious. Whimsical. Contumacious. Defiant. Free-spirited. Pensive. Ruminative. Perspicacious. Intuitive. Intelligent (I hope?). Sanguine. Unconventional. Opinionated. Immodest. Flamboyant. Eclectic. Bourgeois. Visionary. Non-conformist. Fighter. Defender. Renegade. Rebel with a cause. Living anomaly. Psychotic at times, schizophrenic at others, but somehow always rational. Unfathomable. Inscrutable. The ultimate enigma.

I am 30.
I am an underwear entrepreneur (www.manifesto.com.cn).
I am a blogger (www.shanghaiist.com)

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Kenneth T
November 2005
Shanghai, China
I am:
Male and Single
Aspiring pornstar
Shanghai's sexiest menswear store!