Hello my fellow Flickr fellows,

I am a teen aged freelance photographer. I love to be creative and express my feelings and thoughts in my photography. I am also an artist. I love painting, drawing, and also writing.
I like to make up new worlds using my photography - putting a twist on reality.
Nature makes up the majority of my photography subject matter.

Hope you like my photos! :)

Cheers for Flickr! :D

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    thatsongonyourradio says:

    "Dear Rose,
    Hey there beautiful!! I just wanted to let you know how talented you are as an artist. You take some fantastic photos, and you are always improving, and very creative. I love your beautiful sunset/sunrise photos. Your drawings and pencil art are also AMAZING. Wow. I can't beleive that you are about my age and can draw like that. Serious talent, girly! I hope art is always a part of your life and if you ever feel like selling one or two of your drawings, let me know. I love them.
    Also, you're a sweetie. Talent + sweetie = successful."

    January 15th, 2013

April 2011
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