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  • flickr's Pirate Queen... by Why Not Studios
  • ____ by alvazora
  • you. by alvazora
  • Fur feeling by alvazora
  • Draught by alvazora
  • What ? by alvazora
  • frame by alvazora
  • shoulder by alvazora
  • ghost of... by alvazora
  • Taking a brake by alvazora
  • Romance in Blur by Majorlight

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    Peeling grapes says:

    "She's got magic in her eyes and an imagination full of beauty"

    May 23rd, 2010

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    Boris SV says:

    "Once I decided to view Elena's photostream after she commented under one of my photos. I remember the feeling at that time - I was swimming in passionate and vivid photography, full of acute feelings and untold stories. Truly, I wanted to stay more..:)

    Elena's view is so unique, it makes you stop and think every time she shares her new photo. Her photostream is so much against the mainstream Flickr Photoshop polished, over-saturated, sunset and flower-dominated trends that I choose hers as a safe and quiet harbor.

    Well-done, Elena. I'm happy to be your friend and looking forward for your creative work.


    April 9th, 2010

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    Thompson Photography says:

    "It's not possible to do justice to Elena and her photographs. I count her as a friend though she is somewhat of a mystery woman to me. I always feel as though I'm seeing and understanding only a tiny sliver of her. It's the same with her photos. Each one is a gem and many are thought-provoking. But she shares them with us sparingly; I am always wanting more.

    Elena was one of my very first contacts here. I remember clearly that in those early days, when I expressed doubts about my work, Elena offered her support and encouragement. That meant a lot to me and she'll always remain dear to my heart for that.

    To end this on a light note, I'll add that Elena shows endless patience with the somewhat crazy guys (including myself) whom are attracted to her stream! : ) Thanks, Elena, for everything!"

    April 21st, 2009

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    The Enclave says:

    "Photographer, scanner, artist. She's all these things and more. I'm envious!


    January 19th, 2009

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    aquatic elbow says:

    "I see the love for life in Elena's pictures:)"

    June 6th, 2008

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    Pollo Olivera says:

    "I am your BIGGEST fan ;)"

    February 10th, 2008

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    Why Not Studios says:

    "wow... I can't believe it has taken me so long to write this!... and after enjoying Elena's photo stream for so long... her images are a joy to discover... I eagerly await her next ones... and am proud to call her a friend!"

    January 13th, 2008

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    m.marinha.m says:

    "It seems to me that Elena has the rare talent to capture the hidden beauty in the otherwise unobtrusive things in life. Her inspiring work reflects her creativity and special view on things and speaks for itself. Enjoy!"

    April 1st, 2007

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    silviothemilvio says:

    "poetic and sensitive is how i perceive her stream. alvazora’s world is an imaginary fairy tale. a humble and kind person."

    December 4th, 2006

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    Andpromarkアペ says:

    "Elena Kropaneva is a sweetness!!
    All her work is amazing, delicated, calculated, passionate, inteligent and sexy. She is a very stylish russian girl with and spectacular sense of softness, reflexed in her work. I have grown up with her particular point of view of the world around her. It is easy to me feel her close to me in spite of thousand of miles between us. Each photo gave to me a new experience, a new vision of the world. Her technique is unique!!

    Elena Kropaneva es una dulzura!!!
    Todo su trabajo es impresionante, delicado, calculado, apasionado, inteligente y sensual. Es una chica rusa con mucho estilo y un espectacular sentido de la suavidad reflejado en su trabajo. He crecido con su particular punto de vista del mundo que la rodea. Es fácil para mí sentirla cerca a pesar de los cientos de millas que nos separan. Cada foto me da una nueva experiencia, una nueva visión del mundo. ¡Su técnica es única!

    I appreciate her a lot, she is the perfect combination of sweetness and inteligence!!"

    November 29th, 2006

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    handsomely desk says:

    "Creativity, fresh view, another look, kind words, inspiring images, good talking. All this things comes to my mind when i think about Alvie. She produce great images because she puts a lot of her in every work. Talking with her is always inspiring and a delight.
    I'm really proud to be her friend"

    October 6th, 2006

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    Alan Jordan says:

    "A lot of people are worried about aliens coming down to earth and blasting buildings with their lasers, abducting cattle and sticking implants in uncomfortable places. What they don't realize is that most aliens spend their time like Alvie does, making strange pictures with their scanners and taking cute pictures of themselves. Alvie has destroyed very few buildings with her lasers, abducted almost no cattle and forcibly implanted only people who really got on her nerves, so I don't think that stereotype applies to her. She's always been nice to me."

    July 28th, 2006

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    public geese says:

    "From the first moment in which you between in Elena's world, you will find a vast variety of photos, from macros of flowers, up to an funny session in a scan or photos of her friends or her city, selfportraits, many different things, but with something in common, the high quality, which more I adore of Elena, it is her big heart and the feedback, she is always much kindly in her comments and when I see his buddy icon in my own stream it is as if a fresh spring breeze was entering, this is her registered trademark.
    In this testimonial I am not going to speak about her external appearance, the images speak for if same, I write about her interior, that it illuminates. Enjoy Elena´s world, I accept that you write to me an email if you think that I am wrong. =)"

    July 21st, 2006

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    Mr_7 says:

    "I can't believe Elena doesnt have a testimonial yet! She is a very talented photographer with a good eye for pictures and i am also impressed with her use a scanner to produce some amazing images.

    You should all check out the website listed in her profile, shes a very competent artist too :-)

    Thanks Elena, i'm glad to have found you and your pictures here on Flickr!


    June 29th, 2006

March 2006
Ekaterinburg, Russia