I am the original "Girl Next Door." I have been in the fashion and entertainment industry most of my life. I watched the music industry morph into something unrecognizable. No longer were artists making money on album sales as digital downloads became available for free on file servers. The fashion industry went in the opposite direction as Wall Street’s Investment Bankers became involved as owners, directly or indirectly, via their “M & A” departments. Being a designer in London for many years, I was able to watch the financial changes come across the pond. Somewhere in a graveyard in Cimetière de Callian, Var, France, Christian Dior is spinning in his grave. The fashion industry, as it sits today, is a mere reflection of what’s to come. Big screen presentations, shot on digital HD cameras and simulcast on the Internet, will replace the catwalks of London, Paris, Milan and New York. True haute couture will become watered down and the great one’s of our times, like Valentino, will sit back in their chairs and muse about the days passed. It’s a new day and those of us who can’t or won’t change have left. To me, haute couture has always been about the finest of quality in materials and design with a specific client in mind. True haute couture, as I have always told my people, is “art in heels.” I live by those words even to this day.

I was born to a single mother in San Francisco, California. My mother Emma started school at the age of 8 and graduated high school at the age of 16. She then went on to university, on a full scholarship, where she earned her teaching degree by 18. Emma was blessed with both beauty and brains. She came from a big family of ten children. Her father owned a logging company in Fairplay, Colorado while her mother converted a Denver mansion on Grant Street into a large boarding house for professionals. The family was upper middle class for those days. Being a teacher wasn’t in the cards for mom. Although very social in the dating world, she was bored with her life. In 1942, the US Navy established the “WAVES” ("Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service") and there, in the front of the line, was my mother. Treasure Island would become her Navy home and after four years, she would exit the Navy with her Permanent Chief’s Rank. My mother would most likely have stayed in the WAVES except for one small “hitch”….she was about to introduce me to the world!

I never knew my father. I didn’t need to although I understand he did attempt to see me when I was a child. He came from an established American family and was engaged to another woman during the time he spent with my mother. Although I would see his family name in the newspapers as I grew older, I never approached him. Life with my mother was amazing. She was a woman who dressed everyday as if she was going out to a function and thus, many of my dressing habits were learned from her. We dressed to shop, we dressed each night for dinner and even when we were not expecting company. Early on, I found myself in her closets, trying on her high heels, hats, gloves and of course, freely dipping into her makeup! I wanted to be just like mom when I grew up. That much I knew early on. It was the two of us against the world and she was, until the day she passed, my very best friend. She taught me to be tough and never stop believing in myself. At 19, I was enrolled in a finishing school. My involvement in beauty pageants, first on a city level and then on to a state level, earned me the title of Miss Montana. I had the opportunity to compete in the Miss World – USA and was selected to the finals. As I watch Sandra Bullock, in the movie “Miss Congeniality,” I can only think of myself in that role. Every pageant I competed in honored me with the title of “Miss Congeniality.” Not exactly the outcome I had signed up for but one I would not trade for anything. Pageant work led to various offers and thus, my career was started. I have been in front of the camera as well as behind the camera for a good part of my life. My fashion design career started, what some would consider, late in life. Several years ago, I sold off my UK furriers and picked up a pencil and sketch pad once again. I was now ready to re-enter the fashion world. I then moved my main office to Paris in order to stay close to the epicentre of the fashion universe. I am actually officed in what was Mr. Dior’s last office at Place Vendome. It has great vibes with the windows folded open over looking the Ritz Hotel and courtyard. For now, I sketch and think about what it is I can contribute to the fashion world about the old ways, the traditional ways that I was taught, the traditions of men like Dior and Valentino. I have set my course and at this moment I am raising the sails as an investor in future haute couture designers via my private equity company. My goal is to leave the haute couture jewelry industry a little better than I found it. My investment strategy has merged into a private equity structure which I am the head of. I tend to stay in my niche but at the same time I "never say never" on old economy opportunities. I buy what others believe has no value. Old economy companies that leave little to the imagination. Most investors want technology companies that are cutting edge. I try to find a need in society and then find companies that can be modified to fill each need.

This is my story board and these are some of the pictures of my life. I am using Flickr like I use a fashion design pin board of my sketches for a specific client or show. I know this probably isn't how the site is suppose to be used but like a Navy SEAL, one always has to be able to improvise in a given situation. Sometimes cataloging pictures and revisiting your roots can give a person clarity. It’s like the first time you see one of your drawings come to life. Your heart begins to pound right out of your chest. I compare it to the first time your eyes connect with a gorgeous guy across a crowded room. As he approaches, deep down you know it feels right and to me, that is how it feels in the fashion world when everything clicks.

Note on my Photos: People have asked if they can take large amounts of these photos for their own personal collection. I am fine with all of that. You can post them on your flickr or websites provided my name is on them somewhere. If you wish to modify the picture(s) all I ask is that you contact me first and we discuss it. It may be easier if I send you an original and you go from there. I don't affiliate with any dating sites or adult entertainment sites so I'd like to keep my pictures off of those sites. I am sure you understand. I am open to all requests and I just ask that you think through your request by putting yourself in my position first. Then make the request after you have thought it through and I'll see how I can help. I am very easy to get along with as most everyone knows. Treat me as you would want to be treated and you will be surprised how far I will go to honour your request. Please note I don't own all of my images. Other companies own them. What is on this site is mostly my own work. On other sites that you see my image may not be owned by me but another image company or corporation. I may not be able to give that specific image to you. If you "have to have that specific work" for some reason let me know and I will do my best to put you in touch with the parties that own those images. Thank you for your understanding and respect. Christina

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    aussmann.guenter says:

    "Leather for Ever"

    December 4th, 2018

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    Gina**Bako says:

    "I have been devoted to Christiana Sainte Marche for several years on Flickr. There is never been anyone who is as caring and compassionate as Christina. She always responds to comment and is my very best confidant and friend ever! She is a true sprit with a loving soul, who deserves the very best life has to offer. No one could have or wish for a better friend. Gina Bako, college coed (aka Steffie Spalding"

    October 2nd, 2018

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    XPhotoartistX says:

    "A long time friend who holds beauty, style, intelligence, and common sense close to her heart. A wonderful conversationalist who has shown more times than not how to perfectly wear a pair a heels and the accessories to match , meanwhile juggling a host of businesses and causes and keeping it real during the day."

    August 11th, 2018

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    Joséluis Alejandro says:

    "Bella mujer, que es una herramienta de bendición a los demás, sé le aprecia y se le quiere un cubano desde República Dominicana"

    July 28th, 2017

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    Bill Soileau says:

    "A truly beautiful and kind person, can't say enough good about her."

    October 20th, 2017

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    Nadine Leather says:

    "" No guts, no glory" . Christina, you are the embodiment of this sentence: you are a woman to admire and to desire, even by my modest world"

    October 6th, 2014

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    heartbreaking birthday says:

    "Bonjour Christina,
    Je suis de tout cœur avec vous, Si je peux vous aidez en faisant un petit geste car tout ce que je pourrais faire restera petit! , alors dites le moi.
    amitiés sincères.

    November 5th, 2015

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    mighty juice says:

    ""Christina Saint Marche has become my very best confidant and friend ever! She is such a true sprit with a loving soul, who deserves the very best life has to offer. The best on Flickr.

    "No one could have or wish for a better friend."

    Steffie Spalding" AKA Gina Bako"

    April 9th, 2016

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    kyleadcox says:

    "I wouldn't mind having Christina as a girlfriend. She's glamorous, sexy, and pleasant to look at. She kind of resembles Raquel Welch in some of her photos. I hope she continues to take our breath away; She does me."

    April 7th, 2017

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    rainy slope says:

    "Christina is a true original and a real Class Act!
    She is a truly beautiful woman both inside and out.
    I am honored that in some small way I can be considered
    a friend."

    March 26th, 2014

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    dull shoe says:

    "Legs, Legs, Legs & A Classy Sensuality. Everything That A Man Could Ever Want In A Lady!"

    January 31st, 2014

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    clean cover says:

    "Christina Saint Marche has become my very best confidant and friend ever! She is such a true sprit with a loving soul, who deserves the very best life has to offer.

    "No one could have or wish for a better friend."

    Steffie Spalding"

    August 16th, 2013

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    arfi_arfi says:

    "Photos of Christina really are beautiful, inspire me to explore new ways to take pictures. Each one of her paintings is so elegant, gorgeous. Each new picture makes my admiration for her is getting bigger! With each new photo I discover new layers of beauty. These photos highlight the beauty, grace and charm of Christina. She has such beautiful pictures of your loved ones, family, baby. Each of her photograph makes me smile! This is definitely one of my favorite profiles on Flickr. Anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty, elegance, charm and grace, you should see the pictures of Christina. The naturalness and ease with which poses makes every picture is a little masterpiece! Regards Agnes"

    July 3rd, 2013

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    Paula_Collins says:

    "Christina is a truly remarkable lady. Yes, she is very beautiful, sensual, and sexy but she is so much more than that. Intelligent, practical, kind, understanding, provocative are only a few of her qualities. She knows what she wants and goes after it. Works hard and plays every harder. She is the girl next door who has conquered the world. A true inspiration and role model for girls everywhere. I feel honored to know her."

    March 17th, 2013

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    helpful geese says:

    "Christina is a classy woman, who has the competitive skill and the business knowledge to get what she wants and that girl next door attitude makes her a complete joy to talk to!
    Part of her charm comes from being old fashioned as she knows how to treat people in the right way.
    Her fashion sense is finely tuned to the point of being perfect in what she creates and displays, yet the humble girl comes out to thank all the people who help her out.
    There are not many people like her and I am honored to call her a friend!


    December 25th, 2012

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    Lady Rebecca Georgina Arabella Lyndon says:

    "Christina represents the epitome of beauty and style. Treat yourself, and take the time to look through her photostream - and you will see what I mean. She is a top flight professional model and stylist – the real thing. She projects the perfect image of glamour and ultra-feminine allure, which I am totally fascinated by (and strive in my own way to imitate). To leaf through her photostream is to take an intensive high-level course in styling and modeling - as well as in photography.

    I am immensely honoured to have Christina as my friend here on Flickr."

    October 26th, 2012

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    furleatherlover says:

    "Wonderfull and so Glamour Lady!!"

    July 1st, 2012

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    handsome coach says:

    "In the short time that I have known this beautiful lady I have found her to be kind, understanding and helpful. I have revealed parts of myself to her that only a few others know of and in doing so I hope I have earned her trust. She has earned mine!!

    From this day forward I will always come to the defense of this lady!


    April 19th, 2012

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    ceaseless rhythm says:

    "I cannot beleive that you do not have a testimonial. Christina, you are the best and thanks for making me smile."

    March 27th, 2012

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    hanaupete04 says:

    "Christina is a wonderful person with a rich history. She is intelligent, friendly, compassionate, well-grounded and loves architecture and travelling. A totally chic and fashionable woman, Christina is an absolutely enjoyable person."

    March 9th, 2012

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    yorik et Catherine says:

    "Christina est l'archétype de la femme que tout homme recherche
    Elle est belle, cultivée, intelligente, désirable, quelques fois provocatrice sans vulgarité, sexy et toujours ultra-féminine, jusqu'à sa lingerie de nuit
    Elle aime plaire aux hommes autant qu'à elle-même


    Christina is the archetype of the woman that every man search
    She is beautiful, cultured, intelligent, desirable, sometimes provocative without being vulgar, sexy and always ultra-feminine, until his nightwear
    She likes to please people as much as herself


    November 17th, 2011

Christina Saint Marche
March 2011
Paris, France
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Christina Saint Marche