I am six six inches tall with ginger hair which is now cut quite short because long hair gets in the way.
Those who knew me before will know all my personal information, my likes and dislikes are shown in my favorates and my photostream, you will notice some flowers in my photostream, I just thought that the roses looked very nice after the rain fall that day,
the reason I left Flickr before is because I was going through a very bad time in my life and I thought the less personal information on the web about me the better, and some of the previous pictures in my favorates were quite racy, and someone could have got the wrong idea about me.
I don't have a website yet but it is something I might set up for myself , and don't be too shocked I might start experimenting with photoshop or my photos.., even though I am quite cynical about photoshop, because one of my sisters friends thinks he is a great photographer, but really he is a bit shit, he just uses photoshop to cover up his lack of a good eye for pictures.
The some of my photos have links to the offical websites of the locations (and are not spam) I have visited with my camera so I hope you find the information on the sites usefull.....
I have always wanted to ask some people to model for me but I can be very shy and quiet when out somewhere with my camera, because one time last year I was Bury Town centre doing some shopping and I got talking to this handsome young busker who looked like a better looking version of a young Bob Dylan and I could not bring myself to ask him to pause for some photographs for me, thats how shy I can be, daft is'nt it?.

my personal interests are reflected in my photostream and my favorates. as for the Pictures in my photostream I like anything with wheels, I am a bit of a petrol head, but I hate alot of the designs of the modern cars and the customized penis extentions that boy racers seem to like driving round in! (I won't start ranting)

I have added alot of pics from the web on many subjects and interests I hope you all like them.

I have also started experimenting with the edit setting for my photos,
please let me know if the results have been a sucess.
also if you like music, please have a look at my music set, which has video links for the relevant musicians Also check out the Old Grey Whistle Test series of re-edits I have done becuase I wanted to make something to showcase my favorate music proformers, my music collection is a Glee and other crappy music free zone.
I have also added a set containing pictures and links for my favorate TV comedy series' and a set containing my favorate stand up comiedians.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my profile page

I am 28 years old

----///--\\\----put this
---|||----|||----on your
---|||-- -|||----profile if
---|||-- -|||----you know
-----\\\///-----who is living with, survived
------///\-----or has passed away from
----///--\\\---Thank you

Event Listings I will be visiting this year
just follow the links


www.showsinblackpool.co.uk/Blackpool_Shows_Winter... - Cached

www.necclassicmotorshow.com - Cached

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March 2011
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