I am American and Israeli, currently living in Haifa, originally from Philadelphia, and have lived in many different places over many years. I am married with two grown daughters. My occupations have included software development and design, management of software development and support processes, agriculture, textile production, and the military.


My interests include family, history and politics, travel, and the way people interact with each other and their environments.


I have had an interest in photography since I bought my first Minolta SLR as a teenager in the 1970's, primarily as a medium to record events, time, and place. After purchasing my first Nikon DSLR and discovering photography on the Internet, I have taken interest in technique and quality (but if necessary, I'll sacrifice them to record the moment).


Most of my photographs without recognizable images of people are available for non-commercial and non-political use, subject to attribution. Please contact me if you want to use my photos for other purposes or for any use of copyrighted © images.

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  • JoinedNovember 2005
  • OccupationComputer Software Development; Management
  • HometownPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania USA
  • Current cityHaifa
  • CountryIsrael
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