I've been an avid photographer for most of my life. I think I started getting really interested in photography when I got my first Kodak Instamatic (There I go - dating myself...) and would take it along on family vacations. I then discovered my camera wasn't something to be used only for travel but for everyday events with friends, places I'd go about town (On my bicycle) and and local events. This interest has only grown throughout my life. I read every Pop Photo and Modern Photography (Magazine now deceased) magazine ever printed for 25 years. I still read Pop Photo and find it a great recourse. I took the New York Institute of Photography course. I later joined the Navy and was a photographer. So, I'm self trained with a pretty good mix of professional training thrown in.
People always ask when they find out you're a photographer,
"What do you take pictures of?"
That's an easy answer. Everything!
I don't specialize but have an affinity for anything lit really well, lines, patterns, old buildings, the city, special events, etc. Most everything. I don't own a studio but when it comes to portraiture I prefer natural light to a studio set up. I like to work with what's available and make the most out of it in post processing in Photoshop CS3. I guess I've completed the switch over from film and am now a dedicated digital photographer. That's not to say I don't have a legacy of thousands of chromes and film negatives lying around. My Photoshop work started around '95 when I started discovering things I could do with a scanned image from film. That's about the same time I tossed my PC and switched over to a Mac. Although I love all the Mac's I've been through since then, I'm not a fanatical Mac user. But I do believe they're the best platform ever. Currently, I have no website other than what's posted here on Flickr. The proliferation of digital photos on the web make it really hard to get noticed. There's some really great work here and I'm not talking only about my stuff... I'm humbled by a lot of what's posted up here.
If you are using one of my photos under a Creative Common license (Most are licensed for use with attribution), please attribute the photo as follows:
Photo by Mitch Lorens. And, please link to the related Flickr image page if practicable. I would appreciate a note via Flickr mail or to me at mitchelllorens@yahoo.com indicating which image was used. You are also encouraged to add a comment to the photo and add tags (Labels) to further enhance its visibility. If you use my image(s) in a printed publication, I'd love to get via postal mail a copy of the publication or tea sheets for my portfolio if practicable. Please notify me and I will provide a mailing address. Be sure to use the full-resolution versions available under "All sizes" for best reproduction.

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Mitch Lorens
May 2005
Sacramento, Ca.
Sacramento, Ca, United States
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