Wannabe world traveler with diverse interests - and a young widow.


My travel photos are the backbone of my photostream. While I had used my travels in the past, particularly in the UK, as an excuse to try out such new technologies as Advanced Photo System and digital cameras, it wasn't until being inspired by friends' travel photography, and my own long term travels in Asia, that I took up travel photography as a serious hobby, photographing "mundane" items many locals and casual visitors take for granted, and acquiring a DSLR camera.


Los Angeles (or actually its suburbs, San Gabriel Valley) is my primary hometown, though I also consider New York City (Upper West Side), Seoul (Jamsil and Gangnam), and London (Bloomsbury/Camden) to be hometowns as well. From those bases I have ventured to 41 US states, 4 Canadian provinces, Mexico, 8 European countries, China, Hong Kong, and Japan, and I'm always seeking more destinations.


When I am not traveling, I might be photographing various subjects of my interest. One of them is live music performances; musicians nourish my soul, especially during my travels, and I'm forever grateful to enjoy them in person. In particular, my Flickr buddy icon has always featured a photo of me with singer-songwriter Anna Nalick, with whom I share a hometown and who has become one of my key favorites, not to mention a good friend. I've also photographed a number of other favorite acts locally and in my travels, including my idol Mariah Carey.

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She is beautiful and knowledgeable about many things. and can be counted upon for answers on many things. Her friendships are true and lasting, and she won't forget you. Her lovely pictures cover much of the world and are very nicely composed and interesting. I'm proud of her counting me as her friend.

March 31, 2011