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Fergus Kelly is a sound artist and improvising musician from Dublin. He has been in numerous shows around Ireland, and has shown in Canada, America, Germany, Finland, Holland and England. He has done soundtracks for film and theatre and received many Arts Council awards. He is a founder member of The Whispering Gallery collective for the promotion of improvised and electronic music in an Irish context.


Sound has been a constant element in his work, and has been used in a variety of contexts: tape/slide, performance, installation, soundworks for tape, CD, radio, and public spaces. His work was performed by The Manhattan Marimba Quartet in The Kitchen, New York, in 1991. Radio broadcasts include A.A.R.T., Dublin, 1994 and 1998, HEARING IS BELIEVING, Liverpool, 1995, HORIZONTAL RADIO, Alberta 1995, RADIO GAGARIN, Hamburg, 1996, RESONANCE, London 1998, and DRIFT:RESONANT CITIES, Edinburgh, 2004.


Other highlights include showing in the EUROPEAN WORKSHOP RUHRGEBEIT in Recklinghausen, Germany in 1990 and 1991, and the AUDIO VISUAL EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL, in Arnhem, Holland in 1993 and 1995, participating in THE TUNING OF THE WORLD conference in Banff, Canada in 1993, and performing in SIX WEEKS OF SOUND and IN THE EYE OF THE EAR II, both in Chicago in 1996. In 1997 and 1999 he performed in Dublin and Cork with UK sound sculptor Max Eastley.


He performed in SONIC EYE in Helsinki in 2000, and in WINTER, in Dublin in 2001, and in IRISH ART NOW in Chicago, also in 2001. He showed in City Art Centre's HAUNTED in Dublin, 2003, and in Temple Bar Gallery's FULL CIRCLE show in Dublin, in 2004. He curated VOLUME 2 (a week of sound) for Temple Bar Gallery in 2005, performing with Max Eastley, and regular collaborators David Lacey and Paul Vogel. He performed in the I&E festivals in Dublin in 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2009. He also showed in The Digital Hub’s CAPTURED in Dublin in July 2006 and performed in a duo with David Lacey in the TULCA performance festival in Galway in November 2006, and in VOLUME 4 in Dublin in 2007. In 2009 he performed in London with Max Eastley and Mark Wastell.


REPETITIVE STRAIN INDUSTRIES (Fergus Kelly, David Lacey & Jurgen Simpson) performed in PERSPECTIVE 2000 in Belfast, and in the INFUSION and FIX festivals in Limerick and Belfast in 2000. They also performed at SCOIP 2001 in Tralee, and in SUMMER, in Dublin, in 2001.


Soundworks on CD include: GBH (1993), which appears on RANDOM ACCESS SOUNDWORKS, PRESSURE (1994), appears on AUDIO ARTISTS RADIO TRANSMISSIONS. He appears in collaboration with Gary Phelan and Carol McKeon on SOUNDWORKS III (1998). A solo CD, INVISIBLE CITY (1999) was published by Project Press, as part of Project's Off Site series. Recording under the name REPETITIVE STRAIN INDUSTRIES, his work has been featured on compilations released through Charnel Music in San Francisco, Meeuw Muzak in Maastricht, and Staalplaat in Amsterdam. The album NETS IN THE TRAWL was released by ND in Texas.


In 2005/6 he established a CDR label and website, Room Temperature, as an outlet for his solo and collaborative work, producing the CDs UNMOOR (2005), MATERIAL EVIDENCE (2006), BEVEL (2006) (with David Lacey), A HOST OF PARTICULARS (2007), STRANGE WEATHER (2007) and LEACHING THE PITH (2008), SWARF (2009), FUGITIVE PITCH (2009) and LONG RANGE (2010).


A new album, A CONGREGATION OF VAPOURS, was released by Farpoint Recordings on the 23rd of May 2012.






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