I am a Northern Irish software engineer and amateur naturalist, living and working in Islington, London, where it is obligatory to be a Guardian-reading leftie.

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Why have I tagged your photo with a scientific name? I'm an admin for the Field Guide: Birds of the World. I also maintain an external index of the pool at flickr-fbw.co.uk. So I fix typos in scientific name or add synomyms for the bird list we use in the group.
Dec 2015: We are in the process of updating the bird list so you may be seeing a lot of automatically added tags. Some regular posters will be getting rather a lot!

Reproduction: My photos are mostly published under the Creative Commons licence so you can use them (with a name credited) without asking me. If you would like a larger original of one of my pictures, just drop me a line.

Email: You can email via the mail link on this page.

Disambiguation: I am not Alastair Rae the filmographer or the physicist of the same name.

Photos of Alastair Rae (12)

  • Manuelito-Myiarchus stolidus by Francisco Alba Suriel
  • Pájaro bobo o Taco (Coccyzus longirostris) by Francisco Alba Suriel
  • Chicui Todus angustirostris by Francisco Alba Suriel
  • Papagayo /Kalson Wouj/ Hispaniolan Trogon (Priotelus roseigaster) by Francisco Alba Suriel
  • Minjiang Estuary by Alastair Rae
  • Beware of  Bears by Alastair Rae
  • How's this remote thing work then? by Alastair Rae
  • Alastair by Alastair Rae
  • Alastair by Alastair Rae
  • Alastair by Alastair Rae
  • Alastair by Alastair Rae
  • Chemistry experiment by Alastair Rae

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Alastair Rae
March 2005
London, United Kingdom
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