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Update on the note

I haven't done much as far as cleaning out the old stuff goes, but I have been more picky about uploading. If I take 130 pics, only 13 get uploaded.


Now that I'm going to have some free time, though, I may actually get to that cleaning...


Just a note

Given the veracity of Sturgeon's Law (90% of everything is crap), I am very shortly going to start a major overhaul of my content here. Specifically, each batch/set will be reduced to the best 10% or less. So if you have favorites, mark them now, before they get dropped! :)



I believe in Creative Commons and Open Source projects. I've licensed a bunch of my photos under Creative Commons, and I've also granted licenses for various photos to various businesses. Right now, the only images I have tagged were granted to Tharpa Publications (see here).


If you'd like to use one of my images, please contact me - I'm happy to grant permission in most cases. And if it's not CC-licensed, I'm likely to correct that (I forget to set licenses).


I'm a religion geek - I have a BA in religious studies, and focused on native religious traditions worldwide: Native American, Australian, African Diasporic traditions like Santeria and Candomblé, and so on. I have an MA in Celtic language and literature - my particular favorite, clearly.


I speak or read lots of languages - I'm a language geek too:

Je parle français.

Hablo Español.

Latinam loquor.


Tá gaeilge agam.

Dw i'n siarad Cymraeg.

and so on...


I am Gay too, with a wonderful man in my life. I believe in Gay Marriage too. Actually, I don't care what it's called so much, as long as I get all the same rights.


And I'm Pagan - an Animist, to be specific. If you want to know more, just ask.


View my DNA at


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Email me at: taalenmaple at g mail dot com

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Thanks, Aidan, for finding and using my Eldridge Street Synagogue photo. Hopefully I can entice you with more of my photos depending on the needs of your publication! And did I mention that I write? All the best, Diane

July 10, 2008
may-ong says:

Hi Aidan Thank you for using an image from me and giving me the credit for it. Nice making acquaintance with you. Added you as a friend. May Ong www.AngkorWatTran...

June 28, 2008
beestious says:

So, I've known this guy my entire life. No, really. He got his start in languages by making up new ones to make fun of my sister and I with.

February 12, 2008