Please ASK if you want to use any of my photos, or post them elsewhere.


I always look at the profiles of people who comment on my photos, so I suppose I should put something in here myself.


I live about ten miles north of Liverpool, UK, and I'm a fully paid up Grumpy Old Man.


I've always taken photos, but mainly as memories of people and places. Now I'm retired, I have a bit more time and I try to take interesting (in my opinion) photos as well. I'm still learning and I'm grateful for any comments made on my stuff. I don't process my photos, (very occasionally will crop or convert to black and white ... and there's one photo on here where I've removed a traffic light in Photoshop, which I still feel guilty about). I refuse to join "post one comment five" type groups. If I see something I like, I'll say so. If you comment on any of mine, I'll take a look at your stream and see if I can reciprocate. I try to say something about the photo rather than just "great shot" if I can. I like wildlife shots and wish I could add some, but haven't managed much.


Thanks for looking ... happy snapping.

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